1st Edition

Intentional Innovation How to Guide Risk-Taking, Build Creative Capacity, and Lead Change

By A.J. Juliani Copyright 2018
    164 Pages 22 B/W Illustrations
    by Eye On Education

    164 Pages 22 B/W Illustrations
    by Eye On Education

    164 Pages 22 B/W Illustrations
    by Eye On Education

    As the world changes, how do we educate differently so students, teachers, and staff are empowered to thrive in this environment? In this new book from bestselling author A.J. Juliani, you’ll learn a clear process to guide risk-taking and lead change so you can be intentional about innovation in your classroom, school, and life. Juliani shows why we need intentional innovation and how to implement it effectively using the PLASMA framework:

    • What to Praise, Look For, and Assess
    • Support What is Different
    • Make Time for Creative Work
    • Allow for the New and Unknown

    You’ll also gain insights on celebrating failing and learning, creating conditions for creativity, and leading the change. Whether you are a technology and innovation coach, a teacher, or an administrator, Intentional Innovation will motivate you to take risks, be up to date on the latest research, and manage strong working relationships designed to help students succeed beyond school doors. It’s not just about technology for change, but about fostering relationships to motivate, inspire, and challenge us to step out and lead in a future that is exciting and unknown.



    Part I: The Need for Innovation

    CHAPTER 1: The Unlearning Cycle

    CHAPTER 2: The Science Behind Learning

    CHAPTER 3: Inspiring a Generation of Innovators

    CHAPTER 4: Why We Need Intentional Innovation

    Part 2: A Framework For Innovation

    CHAPTER 5: PLASMA: A Framework for Intentional Innovation

    CHAPTER 6: What to Praise, Look For, and Assess

    CHAPTER 7: Looking For and Assessing Real-World Skills

    CHAPTER 8: Supporting What is Different

    CHAPTER 9: Making Time for Creative Work

    CHAPTER 10: Allowing for the New and Unknown

    Part 3: Doing the Work (Putting it All Together)

    CHAPTER 11: Guiding Risk Taking

    CHAPTER 12: Celebrating Failing and Learning (like Elon Musk)

    CHAPTER 13: Creating Conditions for Creativity

    CHAPTER 14: Leading the Change

    CHAPTER 15: Innovation Starts with Passionate People


    A.J. Juliani is a leading educator in the area of innovation, design thinking, and inquiry-based learning. Juliani has worked as a Middle and High School English Teacher; a K–12 Technology Staff Developer; an educational consultant for ISTE; and an educational speaker. A.J. is currently the Director of Technology and Innovation for Centennial School District. He is the author of books centered around student-agency, choice, innovative learning, and engagement. As a parent of four young children, A.J. believes we must be intentional about innovation in order to create a better future of learning for all of our students. You can connect with A.J. on his blog, "Intentional Innovation" (located at ajjuliani.com) or through Twitter (@ajjuliani).

    "If we are to empower students to be the next generation of effective leaders, problem solvers, critical thinkers, and doers, we cannot leave their future to chance; we must create authentic, real-world learning experiences for all students through intentional innovation. In his latest book, Juliani shares PLASMA, a brilliant new framework, so that educators can lead the needed change in their schools and classrooms. Intentional Innovation is both visionary and practical, and is ultimately an incredible tool to support educators in developing the learning experiences today's students need to thrive in tomorrow's world."--Thomas C. Murray, Director of Innovation, Future Ready Schools, Washington, D.C., and Author of Learning Transformed: 8 Keys to Designing Tomorrow's Schools, Today

    "Intentional Innovation is a powerful starting point for both the why and how of impacting meaningful change. Be prepared to unlearn whatever you think you know about innovation. The book sheds a spotlight on what it means to have 'new ideas that work' and left me eager to share what I read with others as soon as possible." --Clint R. Heitz, Instructional Coach, Bettendorf Community Schools, IA