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InterAmerican Research: Contact, Communication, Conflict: InterAmerican Research: Contact, Communication, Conflict

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The Americas are shaped by a multitude of dynamics which have extensive, conflictive and at times contradictory consequences for society, culture, politics and the environment. These processes are embedded within a history of interdependence and mutual observation between North and South which originates in the conquest and simultaneous ‘invention’ of America by European colonial powers.

The series will challenge the ways we think about the Americas, in particular, and the concept of area studies, in general. Put simply, the series perceives the Americas as transversally related, chronotopically entangled and multiply interconnected. In its critical positioning at the crossroads of area studies and cultural studies the series aims to push further the postcolonial, postnational, and cross-border turns in recent studies of the Americas toward a model of horizontal dialogue between cultures, areas, and disciplines.

The series pursues the goal to ‘think the Americas different’ and to explore these phenomena from transregional as well as interdisciplinary perspectives.

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National Images and United States-Canada Relations

National Images and United States-Canada Relations

1st Edition

By Stephen Brooks
April 02, 2024

This book explores the psychological–cultural dimension of the United States–Canada relationship by analyzing how each country has viewed the other. Drawing on a wide range of data, including primary sources, secondary literature, and survey research, the methodology is historical/analytical, ...

Human Rights in the Americas

Human Rights in the Americas

1st Edition

Edited By María Herrera-Sobek, Francisco Lomelí, Luz Angélica Kirschner
September 26, 2022

This interdisciplinary book explores human rights in the Americas from multiple perspectives and fields. Taking 1492 as a point of departure, the text explores Eurocentric historiographies of human rights and offer a more complete understanding of the genealogy of the human rights discourse and its...

Entangled Heritages Postcolonial Perspectives on the Uses of the Past in Latin America

Entangled Heritages: Postcolonial Perspectives on the Uses of the Past in Latin America

1st Edition

By Olaf Kaltmeier, Mario Rufer
July 29, 2019

Relying on the concept of a shared history, this book argues that we can speak of a shared heritage that is common in terms of the basic grammar of heritage and articulated histories, but divided alongside the basic difference between colonizers and colonized. This problematic is also evident in ...

Sonic Politics Music and Social Movements in the Americas

Sonic Politics: Music and Social Movements in the Americas

1st Edition

Edited By Olaf Kaltmeier, Wilfried Raussert
June 10, 2019

This volume analyses the narration of the social through music and the seismographic function of music to detect social problems and envision alternatives. Beyond state-driven attempts to link musical production to the official narrative of the nation, mass musical movements emerged during the ...

Critical Geopolitics of the Polar Regions An Inter-American Perspective

Critical Geopolitics of the Polar Regions: An Inter-American Perspective

1st Edition

By Dorothea Wehrmann
November 05, 2018

Focusing on both Polar Regions, this book provides a comprehensive understanding of political processes related to the rapidly changing Arctic and Antarctic, where the environmental impacts of human activities are extremely visible. Environmental changes in the Arctic and the Antarctic are ...

Political Protest and Undocumented Immigrant Youth (Re-) framing Testimonio

Political Protest and Undocumented Immigrant Youth: (Re-) framing Testimonio

1st Edition

By Stefanie Quakernack
June 01, 2018

What does it mean to be a young undocumented immigrant? Current public debate on undocumented immigration provokes discussion worldwide, and it is estimated that there are more than 11.1 million undocumented immigrants in the US, yet what it really means to be an undocumented immigrant appears less...

Practices of Resistance in the Caribbean Narratives, Aesthetics and Politics

Practices of Resistance in the Caribbean: Narratives, Aesthetics and Politics

1st Edition

Edited By Wiebke Beushausen, Miriam Brandel, Joseph Farquharson, Marius Littschwager, Annika McPherson, Julia Roth
April 30, 2018

The Caribbean has played a crucial geopolitical role in the Western pursuit of economic dominance, yet Eurocentric research usually treats the Caribbean as a peripheral region, consequently labelling the inhabitants as beings without agency. Examining asymmetrical relations of power in the Greater ...

Mobile and Entangled America(s)

Mobile and Entangled America(s)

1st Edition

Edited By Maryemma Graham, Wilfried Raussert
May 03, 2016

A superb combination of focused case studies and high level conceptual thinking, this volume is an important monument in the ongoing development of Inter-American studies The articles gathered here closely examine a wide variety of cultural phenomena implicated in the 'entanglements' which have ...

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