1st Edition

International Case Studies in Tourism Marketing

Edited By Gürhan Aktaş, Metin Kozak Copyright 2022
    268 Pages 32 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    268 Pages 32 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This international case study book provides 27 expertly curated case studies on the topic of tourism marketing, each with detailed implementation instructions for the instructor in order to maximise student participation and learning.

    The dynamic characteristic of the industry under the influence of micro and macro environment factors requires future professionals to be equipped with appropriate skills and competencies to deal with such factors in real-life practices. Curated and developed by industry experts and practitioners, these case studies embody real-world scenarios with the aim of best preparing students for their future careers. This compelling set of case studies follows a logical and uniform structure and covers topics such as marketing mix, crisis management, digital marketing, quality development, product development and sustainability.

    With reflective questions throughout to aid both in-class discussion and self-study, this book is an ideal study resource for use in higher and vocational education, and its unique, teaching-led approach positions it as a vital study tool for instructors and students alike.

    Case 1 - The Joy Labs: PANCOE as a New Instrument to Enhance Tourism Education

    Alejandra Zuccoli, Hugues Seraphin and Maximiliano E. Korstanje

    Case 2 - Marketing Wellness in Paradise: What’s Hard About That?

    Su Gibson and Drew Martin

    Case 3 - Mentor-Mentee Incentive Event Planning Case Study

    Özen Kırant Yozcu and Maria D. Alvarez

    Case 4 - Marketing your Destination from Thousand Miles Away: The Power of Social Media

    Elaine Yulan Zhang and Carol Yi Cui

    Case 5 - Using Online Reviews to Measure Customer Experience Assessment

    Andrés Artal-Tur, Juan Pedro Mellinas and Noelia Sánchez-Casado

    Case 6 - Analysing Information About Hotels on Online Review Sites Under Special Conditions

    Juan Pedro Mellinas, Andrés Artal-Tur and Noelia Sánchez-Casado

    Case 7 - Effective Airline Market Segmentation: The Case of Singapore Airlines Group

    Evi Chatzopoulou, Ioulia Poulaki ve Andreas Papatheodorou

    Case 8 - A Unique Trail: Is the Product Ready-Made?

    Małgorzata Zdon-Korzeniowska and Monika Borowiec-Gabryś

    Case 9 - Keeping Up With Image Marketing During a Pandemic

    Monika Barnwal and Vijay Kumar

    Case 10 - Communicating Healthy Forest Air as a Medicine

    Maurizio Droli and Yasuo Ohe

    Case 11 - Virtual and Augmented Reality in Tourism: Dare to Research?

    Patricia Isabel Santateresa-Bernat

    Case 12 - Convent Carmen: Rethinking the Boundaries Between Tourism and the City

    Juan Sánchez-Villar, Enrique Bigné and Luisa Andreu

    Case 13 - Hotels and Online Travel Agencies: A Partnership Made in Heaven?

    Peter O’Connor

    Case 14 - Tasting Wine or Exploring the Wine Mystique

    Aise Kim

    Case 15 - Designing Gastronomic Identity-Based Food Tours

    Aise Kim

    Case 16 - Global Hotel Revenue Management Challenges: A Nightmare for Revenue Managers

    Tevfik Demirçiftci

    Case 17 - A Yacht Charter Holiday

    Serim Paker

    Case 18 - Bombarding the Tourism Minister with Questions

    Gürhan Aktaş and Rut Gomez Sobrino

    Case 19 - Doomsday in Şirince

    Gürhan Aktaş and Burçin Kırlar-Can

    Case 20 - New Media Marketing Channels to Market Mengjinglai Scenic Area

    Lanlan Huang

    Case 21 - Tourist Guides Preparing the Tourists for Shopping in Guided Tours

    Vedat Acar and Abdullah Tanrısevdi

    Case 22 - Tango or Acrobatics: How to Capture Info Groups’ Memory

    H. Kader Şanlıöz-Özgen

    Case 23 - I Want a Brand New Car

    H. Kader Şanlıöz-Özgen

    Case 24 - Dinner on the Pier: A Reason to Return

    H. Kader Şanlıöz-Özgen

    Case 25 - Digital Communications in Tourism Marketing Strategies

    Rut Gomez Sobrino

    Case 26 - Marketing Mix Analysis for Dote Restaurants in Portugal

    Vahid Ghasemi, Marcelo Oliveira and Salar Kuhzady

    Case 27 - Who Really Makes the Holiday Decision: Is it the Buyer or the Seller?

    Demet Ceylan and Erhan Bilgici



    Gürhan Aktaş is Associate Professor at the Department of Tourism Management, Faculty of Business, Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey. He holds a BA in Business Administration from Hacettepe University, Turkey, an MSc in Tourism Management from the University of Surrey, UK and a Ph.D. in Tourism Marketing from Bournemouth University, UK.  He delivers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the fields of destination management, tourism geography and tourism marketing. He has authored academic publications on crisis management in tourist destinations, visitor attractions and events management.

    Metin Kozak holds a Ph.D. in Tourism from Sheffield Hallam University, UK. He has contributed a wide range of articles to top-tier journals and conference papers in more than 40 countries, and over 30 books released by international publishers. He has been involved in several national and international research projects, particularly with his partners based in Europe, Asia and the US. He received the EFQM Ph.D. Thesis Award and a number of conference paper awards. He acts as the co-editor of Anatolia and is a member of the editorial/review board for many international journals. His research interests entail marketing and consumer behaviour in an interdisciplinary context. He is currently affiliated with the Faculty of Communication at Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey.