1st Edition

International Handbook on the Preparation and Development of School Leaders

Edited By Jacky Lumby, Gary M. Crow, Petros Pashiardis Copyright 2008
    512 Pages
    by Routledge

    512 Pages
    by Routledge

    Sponsored by the University Council of Educational Administration (UCEA), the British Educational Leadership, Management, and Administration Society (BELMAS), and the Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration and Management (CCEAM), this is the first book to provide a comprehensive and comparative review of what is known about the preparation and development of primary and secondary school leaders across the globe. It describes current issues and debates and offers an assessment of where the field of leadership development is headed. Key features include the following:

    Global Focus: this book provides the first comprehensive look at leadership preparation and development across the globe. The chapter authors are distinguished scholars, drawn from the US, UK, Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia/New Zealand, and Africa.

    Topical & Geographical Focus: provides researchers and policymakers with critical descriptions and assessments of both topical and geographical areas.

    International Expertise: chapter contributors are drawn from a variety of theoretical perspectives and represent all major continents.

    Introduction, Gary Crow, Jacky Lumby and Petros Pashiardis

    Concepts of Leadership and its Development

    1 The Nature and Specialized Purposes of Educational Leadership, Paul Begley

    2 Leadership and Culture, Jacky Lumby and Nick Foskett

    3  A Life and Career Based Framework for the Study of Leaders in Education: Problems, Possibilities and Prescriptions, Peter Ribbins

    4  Effects of Leadership on Student Academic Affective Achievement, Stephen Jacobson and Christopher Bezzina

    5 Race and Racism in Leadership Development, Tony Bush and Kholeka Moloi

    6 Gender and Leadership Development, Marianne Coleman and Tanya Fitzgerald

    7  Theories of Learning, Brenda Beatty

    The Practice of Leadership Development

    8 School Development and School Leader Development - New Learning Opportunities for School Leaders and their Schools, Stephan Huber

    9 The Recruitment and Selection of School Leaders, Stephan Huber and Petros Pashiardis

    10 Curriculum and Pedagogy, Edith A Rusch

    11 Mentoring and Coaching Programs for the Professional Development of School Leaders, Bruce G. Barnett and Gary R. O’Mahony

    12 Evaluation of School Principals, Petros Pashiardis and Stefan Brauckmann

    13 Understanding and Assessing the Impact of Leadership Development, Kenneth Leithwood and Ben Levin  

    International Reflections

    14  Leadership Preparation and Development in North America, Margaret Grogan and Michelle D. Young

    15  Leadership Development in Latin America, Alexandre Ventura, Jorge Adelino Costa and Terezinha Monteiro dos Santos

    16  Leadership Development in Europe, Jorunn Møller and Michael Schratz

    17 School Leadership Development in Africa, Ruth Otunga, David Serem and Jonah Nyaga Kindiki

    18 Preparing and Developing School Leaders in the Middle East, Reynold Macpherson and Omid Tofighian

    19 Leader Development across Three Chinese Societies, Allan Walker, Chen Shuanye and Qian Haiyan

    20 Professional Learning of School Leaders in Australia, Michelle Anderson, Elizabeth Kleinhenz, Bill Mulford and David Gurr

    21 Leadership Development in Small Island States, Tony Bush, Marie-Therese Purvis and Linda Barallon

    22 Epilogue, Jacky Lumby, Petros Pashiardis and Gary Crow



    Jacky Lumby, Gary Crow, Petros Pashiardis