International Public Relations : A Comparative Analysis book cover
1st Edition

International Public Relations
A Comparative Analysis

ISBN 9780805816846
Published March 1, 1996 by Routledge
464 Pages

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Book Description

As a formal occupation, public relations grew primarily in the United States through much of the twentieth century. In recent years, however, it has spread rapidly throughout the world. Broad outlines on how public relations practices differ from country to country have only recently begun to take shape in scholarly writing about the field. The existing literature on international public relations tends to focus on how those working for western organizations --particularly multi-national corporations--can best practice abroad. Although useful, such writings tend to focus on adaptation of western approaches, not on development of new ones designed specifically for varied sociocultural settings around the world.

The editors have produced this book for a number of reasons. There has been tremendous growth in the teaching of public relations around the world--enhancing practice in many countries outside North America. There has also been rapid growth in the number of professors who demand theoretical perspectives which might facilitate a unified comparative analysis across countries and regions. Only a few U.S. universities--six documented in this book--now teach courses formerly called "International Public Relations." However, many professors are going abroad to teach and do research. This suggests increased interest in and a need for courses dealing with international public relations. Furthermore, there is a dearth of literature dealing in depth with international PR, an important component of international communication.

This appears to be the first book-length comparative analysis of public relations as practiced in various countries and regions around the world. Although existing books on international PR focus largely on ways in which western practitioners, employers, and clients can operate effectively in other countries, this volume views public relations in each country or region covered from the perspective of practitioners in that country. It contains six chapters designed to provide a theoretical anchor for the 14 country and region analyses. Given the intense interest in public relations education as a factor in professional enhancement, it also discusses issues and practices relating to education.

Table of Contents

Contents: Preface. H.M. Culbertson, Introduction. Part I: A Theoretical Base. R.I. Wakefield, Interdisciplinary Theoretical Foundations for International Public Relations. D. Vercic, L.A. Grunig, J.E. Grunig, Global and Specific Principles of Public Relations: Evidence From Slovenia. L.J. Wilson, Strategic Cooperative Communities: A Synthesis of Strategic, Issue Management, and Relationship-Building Approaches in Public Relations. D. Kruckeberg, Transnational Corporate Ethical Responsibilities. J.K. Van Leuven, C.B. Pratt, Public Relations' Role: Realities in Asia and in Africa South of the Sahara. D. Newsom, Gender Issues in Public Relations Practice. Part II: Public Relations in Specific Countries and Regions. N. Chen, Public Relations in China: The Introduction and Development of an Occupational Field. D. Ekachai, R. Komolsevin, Public Relations in Thailand: Its Functions and Practitioners' Roles. K. Sriramesh, Power Distance and Public Relations: An Ethnographic Study of Southern Indian Organizations. J.F. Jamias, M.J. Navarro, R.R. Tuazon, Public Relations in the Philippines. J.K. Van Leuven, Public Relations in South East Asia From Nation-Building Campaigns to Regional Interdependence. A. Cooper-Chen, M. Kaneshige, Public Relations Practice in Japan: Beginning Again for the First Time. A. Alanazi, Public Relations in the Middle East: The Case of Saudi Arabia. H. González, D. Akel, Elections and Earth Matters: Public Relations in Costa Rica. M.L. Sharpe, R.P. Simoes, Public Relations Performance in South and Central America. A. Kanso, Standardization Versus Localization: Public Relations Implications of Advertising Practices in Finland. M.S. Mortensen, Public Relations: An Alternative to Reality? J. VanSlyke Turk, Romania: From Publicitate Past to Public Relations Future. G. Bentele, G-M. Peter, Public Relations in the German Democratic Republic and the New Federal States. V. Hazleton, D. Kruckeberg, European Public Relations Practice: An Evolving Paradigm. Part III: International Public Relations Education in the United States. C.B. Pratt, C.W. Ogbondah, International Public Relations Education: U.S. Issues and Perspectives. H.M. Culbertson, N. Chen, Public Relations Education in the United States: Can It Broaden International Students' Horizons?

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