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International Studies in Higher Education

About the Series

The central purpose of this series is to see how different national and regional systems of higher education are responding to widely shared pressures for change. The most significant of these are: rapid expansion; reducing public funding; the increasing influence of market and global forces; and the widespread political desire to integrate higher education more closely into the wider needs of society and, more especially, the demands of the economic structure. The series commenced with an international overview of structural change in systems of higher education. It proceeds to examine on a global front the change process in terms of topics that are both traditional (for example, institutional management and system governance) and emerging (for example, the growing influence of international organizations and the blending of academic and professional roles). At its conclusion the series will have presented, through an international perspective, both a composite overview of contemporary systems of higher education, along with the competing interpretations of the process of change.

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International Perspectives on the Governance of Higher Education Alternative Frameworks for Coordination

International Perspectives on the Governance of Higher Education: Alternative Frameworks for Coordination

1st Edition

Edited By Jeroen Huisman
December 09, 2010

Essential reading for policy makers, institutional leaders, managers, advisors, and scholars in the field of higher education, International Perspectives on the Governance of Higher Education analyzes how the governance of higher education systems has evolved in recent years. This volume is an ...

Accountability in Higher Education Global Perspectives on Trust and Power

Accountability in Higher Education: Global Perspectives on Trust and Power

1st Edition

Edited By Bjorn Stensaker, Lee Harvey
July 28, 2010

The latest volume in the Routledge International Studies in Higher Education series, Accountability in Higher Education takes an in-depth look at accountability initiatives around the world. Various evaluations, reporting schemes, and indicator systems have been initiated both to inform the ...

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