1st Edition

Intimate Accounts of Education Policy Research The Practice of Methods

Edited By Camilla Addey, Nelli Piattoeva Copyright 2022
    236 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    236 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    What do we actually do when we research education policy and governance? Why do we tame the messy hinterland of research into smooth accounts and what do we lose in the process?

    In this volume, distinguished scholars in education policy and governance research discuss how the practice of methods is messy, subjective, and provisional. They approach methodology as riddled with tensions, doubts, troubles, and mundane decisions. Scholarship in this book shifts from recording the methodological hinterland to putting it to productive use as resources for thinking about the researched world and about research itself. This methodological openness helps to examine how research reproduces scholars’ metaphysics, how research is a deeply embodied process encompassing all senses, how scholars’ concerns interfere in the worlds they study, but also how these equally interfere with researchers. By challenging smooth methodological accounts which conceal the complex and provisional nature of research, this book offers new approaches in education policy and governance research that are more generative, insightful, and sincere.

    Offering new ways of thinking about research methodologies, the book will be of great interest to researchers, academics, and post-graduate students in the fields of education research and education theory, as well as social scientists interested in research methodologies more broadly.

    Foreword: From After Method to care-ful research

    John Law

    1. What a mess: intimacies, metaphysics, multiple senses and matters of concern in education policy research (an introduction)
    2. Camilla Addey and Nelli Piattoeva

    3. Researching education elites twenty years on: Sex, Lies and… Skype
    4. Sotiria Grek

    5. Following European experts as an embedded researcher. Multiple commitments, contingencies, and asymmetries shaping the academic self
    6. Romuald Normand

    7. Positionality, power and the postcolonial context: Meditations on identity, access and relations in education policy research
    8. Aizuddin Mohamed Anuar

    9. Opening the black box of peer review
    10. Radhika Gorur

    11. Dressed for success? Making an appearance at an educational technology event.
    12. Anna Jobér

    13. Anecdotalization: From individual to collective learning through intimate accounts
    14. Marcella Milana

    15. A balancing act: the untold practice of network ethnography
    16. Marina Avelar, Anna Hogan, Carolina Junemann and Dimitra Pavlina Nikita

    17. Researching unsafe global education policy spaces in Mexico
    18. Rosanne Elisabeth Tromp

    19. Unboxing and unraveling in the archive of gender equity policy
    20. Susanne Gannon and Kerry Robinson

    21. Research encounters on the move: Reflecting on policy mobilities and researcher positionality in policy sociology in education
    22. Steven Lewis

    23. Disentangling fast school policy at a slow pace
    24. Samira Alirezabeigi, Jan Masschelein and Mathias Decuypere

    25. Encountering sociological theory in the field - a post-reflexive approach

    Helene Ratner

    Not the last word (an afterword)

    Jenny Ozga


    Camilla Addey is a Marie Curie Research Fellow at the Globalisation, Education and Social Policies research centre at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain.

    Nelli Piattoeva is an Associate Professor at Tampere University, Finland.