1st Edition

Introduction to Advertising Understanding and Managing the Advertising Process

By Emmanuel Mogaji Copyright 2021
    308 Pages 75 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    308 Pages 75 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book is an introductory roadmap to the advertising process. Advertising is explored as a creative communication message from a brand, created by advertising agencies and distributed across different media to target the right consumers.

    The book provides an understanding of the benefits of advertising, its role in the economy and, even more so, acknowledges that advertisements are not only about selling but also about effectively communicating a message. The creative and conceptual approach towards the communication process is discussed, and insight is presented into the dynamics within the industry and the different stakeholders involved, while recognising how different creative elements in advertisements are consciously selected to make them appealing. Finally, it considers how to analyse and measure an advert’s effectiveness and looks ahead to future ideas and technologies arising in advertising. Effectively combining theory with practical insight, each chapter begins with learning objectives and ends with key learnings. International case studies feature throughout, including insights from British Gas, WPP, Audi and KFC, as well as other examples from smaller organisations and the non-profit sector.

    Taking students step by step through the advertising process, it is important reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students studying Advertising, Brand Management, Marketing Communications and Media Planning.

    1. Advertisement: Message from the Brand

    Part 1: Creating the Message

    2. The theories behind the Message

    3. Advertising agencies working on the message

    4. The creative elements of advertisements

    Part 2: Sharing the Message

    5. Advertisements shared through traditional media

    6. Advertisements shared through digital and emerging media

    Part 3: Engaging the Message

    7. Advertisements reflecting the values of the target audience

    8. Offensive or unoffensive: Regulating advertisements

    Part 4: Evaluating the Message

    9. Evaluating the effectiveness of the advertisement

    10. What lies ahead: The future of advertising


    Emmanuel Mogaji is a Senior Lecturer in Advertising and Marketing Communications at the University of Greenwich, UK. His research interests include artificial intelligence, digital marketing and brand management. Emmanuel has previously worked as a marketing communication executive, responsible for designing and managing campaigns.

    'The book is very helpful and much needed in the digital age, it covers all the aspects of advertising. Emmanuel Mogaji has encapsulated all the imperative aspects and domains of advertising very effectively. Commendable work!'

    Varsha Jain, Professor of Marketing, Co-chairperson, Doctoral Program, and Research, MICA, India


    'A critical view of modern advertising... This book teaches you the management side of the advertising process. As an advertising lecturer, I enjoyed reading Emmanuel's insights and can't wait to share them with my students and colleagues.'

    Ismail Erkan, Assistant Professor at Izmir Katip Celebi University, Turkey


    ‘A simple yet packed advertising and communications book that achieves to highlight the advertising process as well as showcasing contemporary examples by brands. This book is very engaging and I will definitely introduce to my students due to ease of navigation, real life examples and link to day-to-day life messages we all come across.’

    Shelton Giwa, Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing and Consumer Culture, Leicester Castle Business School, De Montfort University, UK


    'Introduction to Advertising: Understanding and Managing the Advertising Process offers an insight into the various ways in which advertising can be studied from an academic perspective. It explores different advertising theories and engages the reader by including reflective questions at the end of each chapter to assess the readers understanding. Very interesting read.'

    Claudette Kika, Lecturer in Management, University of Bedfordshire, UK


    'This is a relevant book that introduces a layman or a beginner to Advertising and Marketing Communications. The book exposes the reader to the how, why, and when of Advertising campaigns from a multidisciplinary perspective. It's helpful to students, academics, researchers, and practitioners. Indeed, the author, Dr. Mogaji, displayed his professional knowledge, experience, and academic training in writing this book.'

    Taiwo O. Soetan, Instructor, School of Business, IT & Applied Arts, Red River College, Winnipeg, Canada