1st Edition

Introduction to Curriculum Design in Gifted Education

Edited By Kristen R. Stephens, Frances A. Karnes Copyright 2016
    370 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    Gifted students require a curriculum that intentionally aligns with their advanced abilities to ensure engagement at the appropriate level of intensity and depth. Introduction to Curriculum Design in Gifted Education offers an in-depth exploration of curriculum development for the gifted. Included are the general foundations of good curriculum design, a survey of curriculum models appropriate for gifted learners, an examination of design considerations across content areas, a detailed analysis of the role assessment has in the curriculum development process, and an exploration of trends and future directions of curriculum development for the gifted. Each chapter is authored by experts with considerable knowledge pertaining to curriculum implications for gifted students and is written with the practitioner in mind to facilitate effective implementation. This text is an essential addition to the library of any educator seeking to create new and/or adapt existing curriculum to better address the interests and abilities of gifted students.

    Introduction Section I: Foundations Chapter 1: In Context: Gifted Characteristics and the Implications for Curriculum Chapter 2: History of Gifted and Advanced Academic Curriculum Theory and Practice Chapter 3: General Curriculum Design: Principles and Best Practices Chapter 4: Aligning Curriculum to Standards Section II: Survey of Curriculum Models Chapter 5: Survey of Curriculum Models in Gifted Education: Frameworks for Developing and Implementing Differentiated Curricula Section III: Curriculum in the Core Subject Areas Chapter 6: Language Arts Curriculum for Gifted Learners Chapter 7: Mathematics Curriculum for Gifted Learners Chapter 8: Science Curriculum for Gifted Learners Chapter 9: Social Studies Curriculum for Gifted Learners Section IV: The Role of Assessment in Curriculum Development Chapter 10: Curriculum Implementation, Management, and Assessment: Special Consideration and Best Practices Section V: Trends and Future Directions for Curriculum for the Gifted Chapter 11: Creativity and Curriculum for the Gifted Chapter 12: The Role of Technology in Curriculum for the Gifted: From Little Acorns Grow Mighty Oaks Chapter 13: Service-Learning in Gifted Education: Addressing Cognitive and Affective Domains Chapter 14: Affective Curriculum: Proactively Addressing the Challenges of Growing Up Chapter 15: Culturally Responsive and Relevant Curriculum: The Revised Bloom-Banks Matrix About the Editors About the Authors


    Frances A. Karnes is professor of curriculum, instruction, and special education at The University of Southern Mississippi. She is widely known for her teaching, research, publications, innovative program developments, and service activities in gifted education and leadership training.

    Kristen R. Stephens is an Associate Professor of the Practice, Licensure Officer, Academically/Intellectually Gifted Licensure Program at Duke University. She received her Ph.D. in special education with an emphasis in gifted education at the University of Southern Mississippi.

    [The book] presents leading research in the area of gifted and talented curriculum development. Focusing on broad topics that address major considerations and components to which attention should be paid when designing curriculum for gifted and talented learners . . . [e]ach section contains chapters authored by curriculum development experts, offering guidelines and advice for practical implementation.,Gifted Child Today, 1/10/17