1st Edition

Invaluable Invertebrates and Species with Spines Inquiry-Based Science Lessons for Advanced and Gifted Students in Grades 2-3

By Jason S. McIntosh Copyright 2023
    164 Pages 51 B/W Illustrations
    by Prufrock Press

    Recipient of the 2022 NAGC Curriculum Award

    Inspire the next generation of zoologists with this 30-lesson interdisciplinary science unit geared toward second and third grade high-ability students.

    Using problem-based learning scenarios, this book helps students develop the vocabulary, skills, and practices of zoologists as they conduct research and solve real world problems. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of how the animal kingdom is structured, create an innovative zoo exhibit containing an entire ecosystem for a vertebrate animal of their choosing, design invertebrate animal trading cards, and much, much more. Featuring detailed teacher instructions and reproducible handouts, this unit makes it easy for teachers to adjust the rigor of learning tasks based on students’ interests and needs.

    Aligned with Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics plus the Next Generation Science Standards, gifted and non-gifted teachers alike will find this expedition into the animal kingdom engaging, effective, and highly adaptable.

    Detailed Description of Unit  Lesson 1: Examining Zoology  Lesson 2: Why So Weird?  Lesson 3: How to Recognize an Animal When You See One  Lesson 4: People Puzzles  Lesson 5: The Big Five  Lesson 6: Animals that Blur the Lines  Lesson 7: New Zoo for You  Lesson 8: Evaluating an Ecosystem  Lesson 9: How Humans Help or Hinder Habitat Health  Lesson 10: An Ecosystem Stress Test  Lesson 11: Predator or Prey Predictions  Lesson 12: Elbow Room  Lesson 13: It’s Time for Bed  Lesson 14: Speed Racer or Snail Pacer  Lesson 15: Show-Off or Wallflower  Lesson 16: Lifespan Lineup  Lesson 17: Are You Smarter Than A …..  Lesson 18: Zooming in on Zoos  Lesson 19: Creating Communities Not Cages  Lesson 20: Kids at Work  Lesson 21: Presentations Aplenty  Lesson 22: Structuring the Spineless  Lesson 23: Investigating Invertebrates  Lesson 24: No Spine Battle Lines  Lesson 25: The Work Continues  Lesson 26: The Invincible Invertebrate  Lesson 27: Animal I.D. Key  Lesson 28: Critiquing Your Creature Keys  Lesson 29: Let’s Review Before We’re Through  Lesson 30: Show What You Know  Master Materials List  About the Author  Common Core State Standards Alignment  Next Generation Science Standards Alignment


    Jason S. McIntosh, Ph.D., is an experienced educator of 25 years and a passionate advocate for gifted education.