1st Edition

Involving Children and Young People in Health and Social Care Research

Edited By Jennie Fleming, Thilo Boeck Copyright 2012
    266 Pages
    by Routledge

    266 Pages
    by Routledge

    Lead by both children’s rights perspectives and methodological arguments there is an increasing emphasis on children and young people’s participation in health and social care research by researchers, policy makers and funding bodies – with many now considering the active involvement of children and young people a requirement. However, although increasingly important, there is little exploration of how to address and overcome the many challenges arising from their participation.

    Divided into five parts, this practical book begins by considering what research with young people is and why we should do it, before leading the reader into how to undertake it. The book then provides practical examples of action and finishes with reflections about the whole process. Bringing together a variety of experienced researchers, from a wide range of backgrounds in health and social care and including young people, the chapters provide insight for practical action, as well as critical and theoretical reflection. Involving Children and Young People in Health and Social Care Research includes issues on:

    • Understanding the reasons and processes for involving children and young people in research
    • Making sure that involvement is meaningful and not merely tokenistic
    • Developing research methods that are commensurate with different ages and abilities
    • Ensuring adequate training and preparation, for children, young people and adults to make involvement meaningful
    • Power and relationships between young people researchers and adult researchers
    • Sustaining young people’s interest and motivation
    • Addressing ethical issues that arise throughout the research journey

    Committed to partnership and participation throughout the entire process of the active involvement of children and young people in health and social care research, this text provides invaluable insights and is a resource for all those conducting research in and with children and young people.

    Introduction  Jennie Fleming And Thilo Boeck  Part 1: What  1. What Is Research With Young People?  Jennie Fleming And Thilo Boeck  Part 2: Why  2. Sociological Theories Of Childhood: Reasons For Involving Children And Young People In Research  Virginia Morrow  3. Why Participatory Research? Exploring Principles And Practice  Roger Smith  4. Using National Standards For Children And Young People’s Participation To Inform Health Research  Anna Skeels and Mererid Lewis  Part 3: How  5. Moving To The Inside – Employing Young People As Researchers  Jennie Fleming  6. An Exploration Of How Ethics Inform The Design Of Social Research With Children Under Eleven Years Of Age  Vicki Butler  7. How To Make Involvement A Positive Experience – Ensuring Adequate Training, Preparation And Support  Darren Sharpe  8. Transforming Relationships Between Adults And Young People Through Improvisation And Performance  Kim Sabo Flores  Part 4: Action  9. Young Women Researching Access To Sport  Leah Fletcher, Melissa Stamp with Liam Cairns  10. The Transition From Practitioner To Researcher: Physiotherapists Undertaking Research With Disabled Children And Young People  Dawn Pickering, Karen Visser, Lyn Horrocks And Gabriela Todd  11. Offering Children Confidentiality In Research – What Are The Limits?  Lorraine Radford And Jane Ellis  12. Getting The Message Across – Working With Young People To Change Perceptions Of Health Research  Paul Chester, Eleanor Kennedy, Lesley Lowes, Alex Greene And David Matthews  13. Young People’s Participation In Service Evaluation  Michael Gaffney And Jenny Munro  14. A Long Term Partnership – Adults And Young Researchers Working Together On The Evaluation Of The Children’s Commissioner For Wales  Nigel Thomas  Part 5: Reflection  15. Medicines For Children: Reflection On How Young People Improve Research  Jennifer Newman, Claire Callens, Carly Tibbins And Nicola Madge  16. Peer Research With Children And Young People Reflecting On The Impact Of Adopting A Rights-Based Rationale  Peter K Mackie  17. What Is It Really Like To Be A Researcher? Dilemmas, Role Conflict And Reflections On Interviewing Children And Young People  Shruti Uppal  18. Youth And Adult Researcher Reflections On Participatory Research In Australia And The United Kingdom  Thilo Boeck And Phillipa Collin  19. "I’ve Always Had A Passion For Being A Part Of Something Unique" Young People’s Reflections On Being Researchers  Harrison Carter, Mayuri Chudasama, Susanna Dobson, Iman Dalenius, Pritesh Nathubhai, Ruth Taylor With Thilo Boeck And Jennie Fleming  20. Conclusion – Emerging Processes For Maximizing The Involvment Of Children And Young People In Reserach  Thilo Boeck And Jennie Fleming


    Jennie Fleming is Reader in Participatory Research and Social Action and the Director of the Centre for Social Action at De Montfort University, UK.

    Thilo Boeck is Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Social Action at De Montfort University, UK.