1st Edition

Islam in Traditional China A Bibliographical Guide

    This bibliography lists primary and secondary works on Islam in traditional China, concentrating on two main topics: Muslims and Islam in China; mutual knowledge by Muslims (both inside and outside China) of China and non-Muslim Chinese of Islam and Muslims (both inside and outside China). The main items are provided with subheadings and short annotations and are evaluated by the authors. Donald David Leslie has previously published a comprehensive bibliography on Jews and Judaism in Traditional China in the Monumenta Serica Monograph Series (vol. 44, 1998).

    PRELIMINARIES, PART I INTRODUCTION 1.1. A Short History 1.2. Introduction to the Sources PART II PRIMARY SOURCES II. 1. Muslim Inscriptions in Arabic 11.2. Muslim Inscriptions in Chinese 11.3. Islamic Books in Chinese 11.4. Arabic Books and Sources of the Chinese Muslims 11.5. Muslimjiapu (Family Records) 11.6. Non-Muslim Sources in Chinese 11.7. Arabic (and Persian) Sources 11.8. Foreign Travellers PART III SECONDARY SOURCES: BIBLIOGRAPHIES, COLLECTIONS, JOURNALS, THESES III. 1. Bibliographies III.2. Key Collections (Chinese, Japanese, Western) 111.3. Key Journals (and Indices) 111.4. Theses, Unpublished Manuscripts PART IV TOPICS IV. 1. Mosques and Islamic Communities IV.3. Muslim Personalities and Biographies in China IV.4. Demography IV.5. Scientific Contributions IV.6. By Dynasty IV.7. Religion IV.8. Sociology PART V SECONDARY WORKS BY AUTHOR V. 1. Secondary Works in Western Languages


    Leslie, Donald Daniel; Daye, Yang; Youssef, Ahmed