1st Edition

Israeli-Soviet Relations, 1953-1967 From Confrontation to Disruption

By Yosef Govrin Copyright 1998
    392 Pages
    by Routledge

    392 Pages
    by Routledge

    An |sraeli Ambassador's account of the longest and most tense period in Israeli-Soviet diplomatic relations, from their renewal in 1953 to their severance in 1967. His work analyses the era from the month preceding Stalin's death to the weeks following the Six Day War - one of severance, resumption and then severance again- along two parallel processes.

    Part 1 From severance of diplomatic relations in February 1953 to their renewal in July 1953: idealogical and psychological aspects of the USSR's decision to sever its relations with Israel; changes in Soviet internal and foreign policy after Stalin's death and the resumption of Israeli-Soviet diplomatic relations. Part 2 Bilateral relations - from their resumption to their severance: Israel between East and West; phases in the USSR's attitude towards Israel, 1953-1967; trade relations; cultural and scientific relations; Aliyah, emigration from the USSR and eastern Europe to Israel. Part 3 The Jewish problem in the USSR: continuity and change in Soviet policy regarding the National Question and its attitude towards the Jewish nationality in the USSR; the national awakening of the Jews in the USSR and Israel's dissemination of information among them; the struggle on behalf of Jews in the USSR. Part 4 The impact of the East-West superpowers' confrontation on the Arab-Israeli conflict and on Israeli-Soviet relations: the Middle East in the Soviet strategy; the USSR's policy during and after the Sinai Campaigh; Soviet proposals for the prevention of world war and improvement of relations between states; intensification of Soviet activity in the Arab states and intensification of tension; the Six Day War and the breach of Soviet-Israeli diplomatic relations.


    Yosef Govrin

    'A successful monograph of diplomatic history about an extremely interesting subject.' - Magazin Istoric

    'His documented study of mutual mischief-making has earned its place on the library shelf.' - Jewish Chronicle

    'This study, which appeared in 1990 in Hebrew, is well researched in archives in different continents and makes use of documents in many different languages.' - Choice

    'Govrin's venture into scholarship ha resulted in a valuable book.' - The International History Review

    'An important contribution to one major front of the Cold War.' - SHVUT

    'Probes deeply into Israeli perspective and motivations and is an excellent source for scholars interested in how one of the superpowers had an impact on the Middle East.' - Journal of Cold War Studies