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THE CUMMINGS CENTER SERIES provides a forum for a new generation of historical research based on the opening of Russian sources and channels of information. The Series includes monographs by the Center's faculty, research staff and associated fellows; proceedings of conferences and round-table discussions between leading Western and Russian scholars; and a selection of outstanding Russian archival materials of interest to a wide-ranging public as well as the academic community.

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Exiled to Palestine The Emigration of Soviet Zionist Convicts, 1924-1934

Exiled to Palestine: The Emigration of Soviet Zionist Convicts, 1924-1934

1st Edition

By Ziva Galili, Boris Morozov
March 05, 2013

This is the unknown story of how Zionists imprisoned by Soviet authorities were allowed to choose sentences of permanent departure to Palestine, where they helped build Jewish society, the backbone of left-wing parties, and the powerful trade union movement. These leading authors bring to light ...

Political Organization in Central Asia and Azerbaijan Sources and Documents

Political Organization in Central Asia and Azerbaijan: Sources and Documents

1st Edition

Edited By Vladimir Babak, Demian Vaisman, Aryeh Wasserman
January 27, 2017

This work contains a selection of annotated documents, including party platforms and declarations of the major political groupings in the Islamic republics of the former Soviet Union. The book covers primarily the period from 1991 to 1994, which can be characterized as the first stage in the ...

Democracy and Pluralism in Muslim Eurasia

Democracy and Pluralism in Muslim Eurasia

1st Edition

Edited By Yaacov Ro'i
June 17, 2016

This book is devoted to the study and analysis of the prospects for democracy among the Muslim ethnicities of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), both those that have acquired full independence and those remaining within the Russian Federation. The nineteen Western academics and scholars ...

Russian Organized Crime

Russian Organized Crime

1st Edition

By Phil Williams
March 31, 1997

First Published in 1997. During the 1990s transnational criminal organizations of all kinds have received increased scrutiny from law enforcement agencies, intelligence analysts, and academic researchers. While there are many differences of both interpretation and assessment regarding a whole range...

Envoy to Moscow Memories of an Israeli Ambassador, 1988-92

Envoy to Moscow: Memories of an Israeli Ambassador, 1988-92

1st Edition

By Aryeh Levin
March 01, 1996

The personal memoir of Aryeh Levin, Israel's first Ambassador to Russia since the severance of relations between the two countries in 1967. Aryeh Levin's four-year tenure as Ambassador to Moscow coincided with great upheavals in the life and times of both Israel and Russia. He was witness to the ...

Educational Reform in Post-Soviet Russia Legacies and Prospects

Educational Reform in Post-Soviet Russia: Legacies and Prospects

1st Edition

Edited By Ben Eklof, Larry E. Holmes, Vera Kaplan
February 14, 2014

This volume consists of a collection of essays devoted to study of the most recent educational reform in Russia. In his first decree Boris Yeltsin proclaimed education a top priority of state policy. Yet the economic decline which accompanied the collapse of the Soviet Union dealt a crippling blow ...

Russia at a Crossroads History, Memory and Political Practice

Russia at a Crossroads: History, Memory and Political Practice

1st Edition

Edited By Nurit Schleifman
September 01, 1998

The meaning of Russia's past is in a process of continuous deconstruction, reshaping and negotiation by various social and political groupings. Of the deluge of group memories which have broken loose, this collection focuses on several new voices which have never been heard in Russia in this way ...

Israeli-Soviet Relations, 1953-1967 From Confrontation to Disruption

Israeli-Soviet Relations, 1953-1967: From Confrontation to Disruption

1st Edition

By Yosef Govrin
May 01, 1998

An |sraeli Ambassador's account of the longest and most tense period in Israeli-Soviet diplomatic relations, from their renewal in 1953 to their severance in 1967. His work analyses the era from the month preceding Stalin's death to the weeks following the Six Day War - one of severance, resumption...

In Pursuit of Military Excellence The Evolution of Operational Theory

In Pursuit of Military Excellence: The Evolution of Operational Theory

1st Edition

By Shimon Naveh
March 31, 1997

This book offers a scientific interpretation of the field of military knowledge situated between strategy and tactics, better known as operational art', and traces the evolution of operational awareness and its culmination in a full-fledged theory. The author, a Brigadier General (ret.) in the ...

Religious Radicalism in the Greater Middle East

Religious Radicalism in the Greater Middle East

1st Edition

Edited By Efraim Inbar, Bruce Maddy-Weitzman
January 01, 1997

This collection offers a political analysis of religious radicalism in the Greater Middle East - comprising the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa. The contributors present various conceptual perspectives including international relations, Middle East studies and political sociology....

Language and Revolution Making Modern Political Identities

Language and Revolution: Making Modern Political Identities

1st Edition

Edited By Igal Halfin
October 01, 2002

This work examines the role of language in forging the modern subject. Focusing on the idea of the "New Man" that has animated all revolutionaries, the present volume asks what it meant to define oneself in terms of one's class origins, gender, national belonging or racial origins....

Russia Between East and West Russian Foreign Policy on the Threshhold of the Twenty-First Century

Russia Between East and West: Russian Foreign Policy on the Threshhold of the Twenty-First Century

1st Edition

Edited By Gabriel Gorodetsky
March 01, 2003

Gabriel Gorodetsky unravels President Putin's efforts to re-establish Russia's position as a major power, attempting to reconcile Russia's traditional national interests with the newly emerging social and political entity taking shape at home....

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