1st Edition

Issues in Educational Placement Students With Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

    424 Pages
    by Routledge

    422 Pages
    by Routledge

    Placement of students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment has become a central issue in special education. To date, no comprehensive treatment of placement issues is available, especially for students with emotional and behavioral disorders who present particularly difficult placement problems. This book combines data and discussions intended to further the understanding of how and why decisions are made to place students with emotional or behavioral disorders in particular educational environments. This volume establishes the problem of placement in a contemporary and historical context, reviews the literature on placement of students with emotional or behavioral disorders, and discusses placement options and concerns about multicultural issues, post-secondary education, law and regulation, demands on teachers, and policy choices.

    Its goals are to:
    * improve understanding of decision processes leading to placement,
    * set the stage for improvements in pupils' lives in school and elsewhere, and
    * stimulate research on the many placement issues that are left unresolved.

    Contents: F.H. Wood, Foreword. Preface. Part I:Overview. J.M. Kauffman, J.W. Lloyd, A Sense of Place: The Importance of Placement Issues in Contemporary Special Education. J.M. Kauffman, K. Smucker, The Legacies of Placement: A Brief History of Placement Options and Issues With Commentary on Their Evolution. Part II:Current Realities. S.A. Stephens, K.C. Lakin, Where Students with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders Go to School. K.F. Martin, B.A. Hallenbeck, J.M. Kauffman, J.W. Lloyd, A Synopsis of Research and Professional Literature on Educational Placement. R.K. Denny, P.L. Gunter, R.E. Shores, C.R. Campbell, Educational Placements of Students With Emotional and Behavioral Disorders: What Do They Indicate? N. Clark-Chiarelli, J.D. Singer, Teachers of Students with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders: Who They Are and How They View Their Jobs. J.W. Lloyd, K.F. Martin, J.M. Kauffman, Teachers' Participation in Decisions About Placement of Students with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders. A. Duchnowski, K. Berg, K. Kutash, Parent Participation in and Perception of Placement Decisions. R.E. Mattison, S.R. Forness, Mental Health System Involvement in SED Placement Decisions. Part III:Special Problems and Options. S.C. Trent, A.J. Artiles, Serving Culturally Diverse Students with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders: Broadening Current Perspectives. E. Edgar, S. Siegel, Postsecondary Scenarios for Troubled and Troubling Youth. B.D. Bateman, D.J. Chard, Legal Demands and Constraints on Placement Decisions. J.W. Lloyd, J.M. Kauffman, What Less Restrictive Placements Require of Teachers. P.E. Leone, M.J. McLaughlin, Appropriate Placement of Students with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders: Emerging Policy Options. Part IV:Coda. D. Fuchs, L.S. Fuchs, Special Education Can Work. J.M. Kauffman, J.W. Lloyd, T.A. Astuto, D.P. Hallahan, Toward a Sense of Place for Special Education in the 21st Century.


    Daniel P. Hallahan, James M. Kauffman, Terry A. Astuto, John Wills Lyod