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Gay Life in the Former USSR Fraternity Without Community

Gay Life in the Former USSR: Fraternity Without Community

1st Edition

By Daniel Schluter
January 17, 2019

This work describes and analyzes the individual identities, social-ecological "landscape", and group undertakings among the homosexual population of the Soviet Union during the final years of the communist regime....

Arms Diffusion The Spread of Military Innovations in the International System

Arms Diffusion: The Spread of Military Innovations in the International System

1st Edition

By Thomas W. Zarzecki
July 12, 2002

Weapons proliferation is one of the most pressing global concerns following the end of the Cold War. Despite the absence of an overarching superpower conflict, armaments and related technologies have continued to spread throughout the international system. This has been particularly true in areas ...

Gendering Ethnicity Implications for Democracy Assistance

Gendering Ethnicity: Implications for Democracy Assistance

1st Edition

By Lori Handrahan
August 14, 2015

Democracy, anticipated by American and other Western powers to prevent economic chaos and political conflict within and among states, is not evolving as expected. This research argues that part of the failure resides in United States democracy assistance's inadequate consideration of gender within ...

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