92 Pages 125 B/W Illustrations
    by Prufrock Press

    In this updated edition of It’s Alive!, the kind of gooey, slimy, weird, and disgusting science facts that kids love are turned into hilarious and engaging math problems!

    Simple in design but valuable in content, this book will thrill and excite your middle schooler by replacing typical, run-of-the-mill math problems with the stuff they’re really thinking about like:

    ·       How many unknown-to-science microbes live in your belly button?

    ·       The percent of seats at Yankee Stadium that do not have gum stuck to them

    ·       How many times gas is passed in the average 60-minute math class

    ·       How many gigabytes their brain can hold!

    Math is fun when we get to figure the cost of a meal at the AfterMath Restaurant, with foods like Macaroni and Sneeze, Deep Fried Lint, and Hot Sludge Sundae. Even the comprehensive answer key, including step by step detail and problem-solving strategies, is hilarious!  Teachers will especially appreciate the new edition’s inclusion of a page linking each problem with specific Common Core Standards.

    Possibly the funniest math book ever written, this new edition is a must-have for teachers and their students looking for an extra challenge!

    1. Please don’t. 2. Slosh 3. What’s all that racket! 4. Ice pops 5. I’ll be with you in a jiffy. 6. Doggie menu 7. It wasn’t me! 8. Crayfish smoothie 9. Popcorn gone bad 10. Crumbly 11. Shrimp, huh? 12. PFFFFT 13. Dandelion doughnuts 14. I’m coming as a beetle 15. Fly tracks 16. Close the door! 17. Stop staring! 18.   Bring in the SWAT team 19. Care to go for a swim? 20. Star pupil 21. Cheese! 22. Lawn ornaments 23. It’s normal 24. But it was good dirt 25. Stop the car! 26. Let me in! 27. Drowning in droplets 28. Eliminate waste 29. Pooky 30. Bats in the tent 31. Flapflapflapflap 32. Thank you, garbage people 33. Did you remember to flush? 34. Slimy 35. Tern, tern, tern 36. Zit city 37. Look closely 38. Worm digging 39. Panda poop 40. Ants Rule 41. Hot dog 42. Snarly 43. Supersweeper 44. I don’t get it 45. Where did my mailbox go? 46. Skin scales 25 cents a pound 47. Smile! 48. I thought I smelled 49. Coffee anyone? 50. A very hairy ordeal 51. Locker room 52. Nematode sea worms 53. Adventure awaits 54. Classical Kazoo Orchestra 55. Mirror, mirror 56. After School Science 57. Human vs. pineapple 58. You’re next young man 59. How many didn’t bite? 60. Great grandma’s knitting 61. Whole wheat tofu surprise 62. Fungus among us 63. Fuzzy apple logic 64. Let us see your hair, David 65. Shhhhh 66. N.L.R.M.I.T. 67. Sludge 68. No, we’re not buying a TV 69. Camp Torture 70. Heinz and Gunter 71. Gum on the seats 72. Chicken noodle sloop 73. Candy jar 74. People shed too 75. Lumps 76. Taj Mahal 77. Longest toe 78. An acre of pizza, please 79. Pair of socks 80. School janitor 81. Overflow 82. Cans of Spam™ 83. Old, fuzzy grapes 84. Frog eggs 85. Eyelash mites 86. Cow gas 87. Lucky Charms™ 88. Cereal boxes 89. Back yard fertilizer  90. Taste buds 91. Grocery store bulletin board 92. Leeches 93. Royal Canadian Bagpipers 94. Do you smell something? 95. Tick eating habits 96. What to do with $3,500? 97. ASA 98. Glub 99. Mucus moves 100. Cellmates 101. Asa’s airplanes 102. Up, up, and away! 103. Floss ’em 104. Saliva mouth 105. What’s in my water bottle? 106. Breathe in 107. Arteries 108. Live with Asa! 109. A rat can fall 110. Censorship! 111. Smork 112. Beetle in the soup 113. Good to know 114. Sneeze 115. Giant squid eyeball 116. My birthday is July 31st 117. Belly Button Biodiversity 118. Heavy thinker 119. In the Aftermath Restaurant 120. Care to Join Us? 


    Marya Washington Tyler is a retired classroom teacher, and current substitute teacher who has been teaching gifted students in grades 4-6, particularly in the area of math, for over 15 years. She is the author of several Prufrock titles including It’s Alive!: Math Like You’ve Never Known it Before, Alien Math, and On the Job Math Mysteries, some of which have been best sellers in the field of gifted education.

    David Washington, now Head of Product at Microsoft, was one of two middle schoolers who helped conceptualize the idea and develop the problems for the book’s first edition.

    Asa Kleiman, now a freelance illustrator, was the second of two middle schoolers who helped conceptualize the idea and develop the problems for the book’s first edition.

    "Chock full of imaginative, fact-packed challenges that grab students’ interest! It’s Alive! The Funniest Math Book Ever!  builds math and thinking skills while kids enjoy solving engaging puzzles."

    Deb Fausti, 4th/5th grade Highly Capable teacher 23 years


    “Quality teaching captures student interest; provides just the right challenge; and adds spice with a bit of humor. Assignments connecting two or more curricula areas are golden. Quality teachers take advantage of classroom enthusiasm by encouraging student creativity to flow out of these lessons. Marya’s book, It’s Alive! The Funniest Math Book Ever offers plenty of material upon which to build quality teaching.”

    Hank Benjamin, author of Teaching in a Hyperactive Society, and a Dr. William Glasser National Quality Schoolteacher of the Year