2nd Edition

JIT Implementation Manual -- The Complete Guide to Just-In-Time Manufacturing Volume 4 -- Leveling -- Changeover and Quality Assurance

By Hiroyuki Hirano Copyright 2010
    188 Pages 145 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    "It is a book for manufacturing companies that are fighting desperately for survival and that will go to any length to improve their factories and overcome the obstacles to success. One could even call this book a ‘bible’ for corporate survival."

    —Hiroyuki Hirano


    Known as the JIT bible in Japan, JIT Implementation Manual — The Complete Guide to Just-in-Time Manufacturing presents the genius of Hiroyuki Hirano, a top international consultant with vast experience throughout Asia and the West. Encyclopedic in scope, this six-volume practical reference provides unparalleled information on every aspect of JIT— the waste-eliminating, market-oriented production system. This historic, yet timeless classic is just as crucial in today’s fast-changing global marketplace as when it was first published in Japan 20 years ago.

    Volume 4: Leveling — Changeover and Quality Assurance provides essential background on the core concept of level production in a JIT, or lean, manufacturing system and the implementation techniques. It also discusses changeover and the rules and procedures for changeover improvement and covers quality assurance in the context of level production, including how to recognize structures that create defects, plan for achieving zero defects, and make use of mistake-proofing devices.

    What Is Level Production?
    Various Ways to Create Production Schedules
    Differences between Shish-Kabob Production and Level Production
    Leveling Techniques
    Realizing Production Leveling

    Why Is Changeover Improvement (Kaizen) Necessary?
    What Is Changeover?
    Procedure for Changeover Improvement
    Seven Rules for Improving Changeover

    Quality Assurance
    Quality Assurance: The Starting Point in Building Products
    Structures that Help Identify Defects
    Overall Plan for Achieving Zero Defects
    The Poka-Yoke System
    Poka-Yoke Case Studies for Various Defects
    How to Use Poka-Yoke and Zero Defects Checklists


    JIT Management Laboratory, Tokyo, Japan