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Japan Anthropology Workshop Series

About the Series

Series editor: Joy Hendry, Oxford Brookes University

Submissions from prospective authors are welcomed, and enquiries should be sent in the first instance to the series editor at [email protected].

Editorial Board:
Pamela Asquith, University of Alberta
Eyal Ben Ari, Kinneret Academic College, Sea of Galilee, Israel
Hirochika Nakamaki, Suita City Museum, Japan
Christoph Brumann, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle, Germany
Henry Johnson, University of Otago, New Zealand

Founder Member of the Editorial Board:
Jan van Bremen, University of Leiden

Routledge is very proud to be publishing this important series, which has already signed up a good list of high quality books on interesting topics, and has a truly international range of authors and editors.

A key aim of the series is to present studies that offer a deep understanding of aspects of Japanese society and culture to offset the impression of constant change and frivolity that so tempts the mass media around the world. Living in Japan brings anyone into contact with the fervent mood of change, and former residents from many other countries enjoy reading about their temporary home, but there is a demand also to penetrate less obvious elements of this temporary life. Anthropologists specialise in digging beneath the surface, in peeling off and examining layers of cultural wrapping, and in gaining an understanding of language and communication that goes beyond formal presentation and informal frolicking. This series will help to open the eyes of readers around the world from many backgrounds to the work of these diligent anthropologists researching the social life of Japan.

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Revitalization and Internal Colonialism in Rural Japan

Revitalization and Internal Colonialism in Rural Japan

1st Edition

By Timo Thelen
January 29, 2024

This book explores the decline of rural and peripheral areas in Japan, which results from an aging population, outmigration of the younger generations, and the economic decline of the primary sector. Based on extensive original research, the book examines in detail the case of the Noto peninsula. ...

Japanese Diaspora and Migration Reconsidered

Japanese Diaspora and Migration Reconsidered

1st Edition

By Yvonne Siemann
September 25, 2023

In contrast to most studies of migration, which assume that migrants arrive from less developed countries to the industrialised world, where they suffer from discrimination, poor living conditions and downward social mobility, this book examines a different sort of diaspora – descendants of ...

Scandal in Japan Transgression, Performance and Ritual

Scandal in Japan: Transgression, Performance and Ritual

1st Edition

By Igor Prusa
August 11, 2023

This book is an exploration of media scandals in contemporary Japanese society. In shedding new light on the study of scandal in Japan, the book offers a novel view of scandal as a specific mediatized ritual which follows moral disturbances throughout Japanese history. Media and society are ...

Inside a Japanese Sharehouse Dreams and Realities

Inside a Japanese Sharehouse: Dreams and Realities

1st Edition

By Caitlin Meagher
August 01, 2022

This book explores social change in Japan at the most intimate site of social interaction – the home – by providing a detailed ethnography of everyday life in a sharehouse. Sharehouses, which emerged in the 2007 'sharehouse boom', are a deliberate alternative to life in the family home ...

Mental Health and Social Withdrawal in Contemporary Japan Beyond the Hikikomori Spectrum

Mental Health and Social Withdrawal in Contemporary Japan: Beyond the Hikikomori Spectrum

1st Edition

By Nicolas Tajan
August 01, 2022

This book examines the phenomenon of social withdrawal in Japan, which ranges from school non-attendance to extreme forms of isolation and confinement, known as hikikomori. Based on extensive original research including interview research with a range of practitioners involved in dealing with the ...

Global Coffee and Cultural Change in Modern Japan

Global Coffee and Cultural Change in Modern Japan

1st Edition

By Helena Grinshpun
April 29, 2022

This book explores the impact in Japan of the rise of global coffee chains and the associated coffee culture. Based on extensive original research, the book discusses the cultural context of Japan, where tea-drinking has been culturally important, reports on the emergence of the new coffee shop ...

Women Managers in Neoliberal Japan Gender, Precarious Labour and Everyday Lives

Women Managers in Neoliberal Japan: Gender, Precarious Labour and Everyday Lives

1st Edition

By Swee-Lin Ho
February 17, 2020

This book, based on extensive original research, presents a detailed analysis of the varying opportunities and challenges experienced by Japanese women with professional careers, an important category of the population in Japan, whose lives remain little known. It addresses many key issues, ...

Escaping Japan Reflections on Estrangement and Exile in the Twenty-First Century

Escaping Japan: Reflections on Estrangement and Exile in the Twenty-First Century

1st Edition

Edited By Blai Guarné, Paul Hansen
December 12, 2019

The idea that Japan is a socially homogenous, uniform society has been increasingly challenged in recent years. This book takes the resulting view further by highlighting how Japan, far from singular or monolithic, is socially and culturally complex. It engages with particular life situations, ...

Religion in Japanese Daily Life

Religion in Japanese Daily Life

1st Edition

By David C. Lewis
December 12, 2019

Are Japanese people religious – and, if so, in what ways? David Lewis addresses this question from the perspective of ordinary Japanese people in the context of their life cycles, and explores why they engage in religious activities. He not only discusses how Japanese people engage in different ...

Happiness and the Good Life in Japan

Happiness and the Good Life in Japan

1st Edition

Edited By Wolfram Manzenreiter, Barbara Holthus
January 03, 2019

Contemporary Japan is in a state of transition, caused by the forces of globalization that are derailing its ailing economy, stalemating the political establishment and generating alternative lifestyles and possibilities of the self. Amongst this nascent change, Japanese society is confronted with ...

The Japanese Family Touch, Intimacy and Feeling

The Japanese Family: Touch, Intimacy and Feeling

1st Edition

By Diana Adis Tahhan
May 10, 2017

This book explores how the relationship between child and parent develops in Japan, from the earliest point in a child’s life, through the transition from family to the wider world, first to playschools and then schools. It shows how touch and physical contact are important for engendering intimacy...

Japan's Ainu Minority in Tokyo Diasporic Indigeneity and Urban Politics

Japan's Ainu Minority in Tokyo: Diasporic Indigeneity and Urban Politics

1st Edition

By Mark K. Watson
August 26, 2016

This book is about the Ainu, the indigenous people of Japan, living in and around Tokyo; it is, therefore, about what has been pushed to the margins of history. Customarily, anthropologists and public officials have represented Ainu issues and political affairs as limited to rural pockets of ...

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