1st Edition

Joyful Resilience as Educational Practice Transforming Teaching Challenges into Opportunities

Edited By Michelle Hughes, Ken Badley Copyright 2022
    188 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    188 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    Teaching is hard work. Teaching is rewarding work. An abundance of research on teachers’ mental health, teacher burnout, and attrition in the profession has proven the truth of the first claim. And, without reading a word of academic research, teachers know the truth of the second: there are numerous challenges and complexities involved in this noble profession. Teachers also know the truth of our second claim—that teaching is immensely rewarding work.

    The editors and authors of Joyful Resilience as Educational Practice: Transforming Teaching Challenges into Opportunities argue that the reciprocities of teaching keep them and countless other teachers in the profession. While teaching is one of the most demanding professions on earth, it is also one of the most rewarding professions. Editors Michelle C. Hughes and Ken Badley hope readers and teaching colleagues alike will be reminded of the rewards and the unexpected paybacks found in teaching. Joyful Resilience as Educational Practice is offered as a love letter, a "hang-in-there, you’ve got this" message to teacher colleagues everywhere.

    May readers be reminded that teaching is a calling. The editors invite readers to wrestle with, take courage, and find joyful resilience in the professional challenges named in this book.




    Contributor biographies


    1. The Teaching Vocation and the Interior Lives of Teachers

    Michelle C. Hughes and Ken Badley

    2. Reciprocities with Students

    Michelle C. Hughes

    3. When Students Become Our Teachers

    Joy A. Chadwick

    4. Is there a Class in this Text?

    Ken Badley and Dana Antayá-Moore

    5. Sustainable Teaching: Reflective & Responsive Practices

    Sunshine R. Sullivan

    6. Minding the Gap: Seeing, Valuing, and Using the Theory-Practice Tension in the Classroom

    Paige A. Ray

    7. Colleagues

    Tiana Tucker

    8. The Power of Gifts From Supervisors Who Share

    Jay Mathisen

    9. A Long and Rewarding Apprenticeship: The Sustaining Inspiration of Our Mentors

    Andrew Mullen

    10. Families

    Michelle C. Hughes and Ken Badley

    11. Joyful Resilience through Dissonance, Doubt, and Disillusionment

    Carrie R. Giboney Wall

    12. Navigating Political, Economic, and Curriculum Constraints with Joyful Defiance

    Dana Antayá-Moore and Joanne Neal

    13. Teacher-Student Reciprocities in Three Educational Models

    Daniel H. Jarvis and April E. Jarvis

    14. Uncovering Joyful Resilience

    Ken Badley and Michelle C. Hughes



    Michelle C. Hughes has served as a junior high teacher, high school administrator, and Education Department faculty member at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. Michelle embraces promoting the teaching profession with Westmont students and the larger educational community. She is passionate about equipping teachers for long-term career success with dispositions such as resilience, compassion, empathy, and gratitude.

    Ken Badley lives in Calgary, Alberta, and teaches foundations of education at Tyndale University in Toronto, Ontario. He has taught in secondary, undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in Canada and the United States and has worked extensively with teachers in Kenya. He is the author of many books and articles related to curriculum, instruction, and the teaching vocation.

    Teachers know the difficulties inherent in their profession, we live them daily. Hughes and Badley describe this book as a love letter for the difficulties and the joyful moments of teaching. Indeed, this is a letter of love to our labor of love as teachers. This volume brings together a wide assembly of educators whose stories will inspire and challenge teachers while revealing the joy of teaching. Each chapter describes the work of teaching as immensely challenging and rewarding. Teachers do find hope in the struggle. This book affirms that reality and invites the reader into a community of hope, not in avoiding the struggle, but in recognizing the challenges and accepting the realities while flourishing in the midst of it all.

    Scot Headley

    Professor of Educational Leadership

    George Fox University

    Newberg, Oregon


    This is an inspiring collection, full of the joy that its title promises. Hughes and Badley have assembled these essays as a "love letter" to teachers at a time when so many pressures can drain educators’ energies or ideals. Quite admirably, the writers face the current challenges squarely, but they avoid overworn platitudes and offer a valuable blend of seasoned wisdom and recent research to help teachers renew their spirits and their strategies. There are some rousing words here, yet the writers also respect that teachers are at their core learners themselves and will welcome new ideas to revitalize their craft. They will find all that in this thoughtful panorama.

    Mark Sargent

    Former Provost, Westmont and Gordon Colleges

    Santa Barbara, California

    For teachers who have become dismayed by the myriad of challenges encountered in education, Joyful Resilience in Educational Practice will lift their souls. The authors have thoughtfully reframed the deficit model of teaching to reveal how the great rewards of the profession are most often hidden within the challenges. This insightful compilation is the perfect gift to inspire and encourage your favorite teachers!

    Stella Erbes

    Divisional Dean, Humanities & Teacher Education

    Associate Professor, Teacher Education

    Pepperdine University

    Malibu, California


    Not since Parker Palmer’s The Courage to Teach has there been such an inspirational book on teaching as a calling. Authors in this book describe the positive energy they experience when they resolve challenges with attention to the animating forces that first drew them to the profession.

    Jodi Nickel

    Past-President, Canadian Association for Teacher Education

    Professor, Mount Royal University

    Calgary, Alberta


    I very much appreciate the heart and the expertise of the editors and chapter authors of Joyful Resilience. Many of us who have been involved in education for more than just a few years are very concerned about its direction, especially as it relates to the life (or lack of it) of the teacher. This book includes many personal accounts from those who are obviously passionate about the education enterprise and the future of education. The result is a hopeful volume that not so much prescribes as encourages, providing timely inspiration and refreshment for its readers.

    Paul Shotsberger

    Professor of Graduate Faculty at Southern Wesleyan University

    Central, South Carolina


    In the midst of a global pandemic, Joyful Resilience as Educational Practice, challenges teachers, who operate in one of the most difficult professions even in the best of times, that joy and resilience are matters of choice. This collection of essays from a wide range of experienced professionals at all levels of the teaching profession, explores the rich treasure of resources for self-renewing flourishing that surrounds them in their daily work if they only have eyes to see, and the courageous discipline to receive them as gifts.

    Shirley A. Mullen

    President and Professor of History

    Houghton College

    Houghton, New York