1st Edition

Kansei/Affective Engineering

Edited By Mitsuo Nagamachi Copyright 2011
    334 Pages 155 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    334 Pages
    by CRC Press

    A guided tour through the each stages of process, Kansei/Affective Engineering explores how to apply Kansei/Affective Engineering. It describes the psychological survey and psycho-physiological measurement of consumer feelings and the multivariate statistical analysis of this survey data, including rough set models. Since soft computing technology is very useful from the viewpoint of product design, the author details the Expert system, neural networks, GA, and other relevant methods to support the designer's decision or the customer's choice. The text includes applied examples in areas such as automotive, home electrics, appliances, cosmetics, packaging, and e-commerce business.

    Kansei/Affective Engineering and History of Kansei/Affective Engineering in the World, M. Nagamachi
    Methods of Kansei/Affective Engineering and Specific Cases of Kansei Products, M. Nagamachi
    Psychological Methods of Kansei Engineering, S. Ishihara
    Psychophysiological Methods, K. Ishihara
    Statistical Analysis for Kansei/Affective Engineering, M. Nagamachi
    Soft Computing System for Kansei/Affective Engineering, Y. Matsubara
    Rough Set Theory and Kansei/Affective Engineering, T. Nishino
    Kansei/Affective Engineering and Web Design, A.M. Lokman
    Kansei/Affective Engineering for the European Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Industry, C. Barnes, T. Childs, and S. Lillford
    Kansei/Affective Engineering Applied to Triggers in Powered Hand Tools, E. Ayas, J. Eklund, and S. Ishihara
    Kansei, Quality, and Quality Function Deployment, Ricardo Hirata Okamoto


    Mitsuo Nagamachi is Professor Emeritus at Hiroshima University, Japan and the President of the International Kansei Design Institute.