1st Edition

Key Concepts in Curriculum Studies Perspectives on the Fundamentals

    258 Pages
    by Routledge

    258 Pages
    by Routledge

    Offering an accessible entry into curriculum theory, this book defines and contextualizes key concepts for novice and experienced students. Leading scholars in curriculum studies provide short anchor texts that introduce, define, and situate contemporary curriculum theory constructs. Each anchor text is followed by two concise, creative keyword responses that demonstrate varied perspectives and connections, allowing readers to reflect on and engage with the personal relevance of these fundamental concepts.

    Useful to instructors and scholars alike, this book explains keyword writing as a teaching and learning strategy and invites readers to enter the complicated conversations of contemporary curriculum theory through their own creative, personal responses. Featuring wide-ranging, nuanced, and varied commentary on major relevant themes, as well as discussion questions for students, this book is an essential text for doctoral and masters-level courses in curriculum studies.


    Rebecca Luce-Kapler

    Chapter 1: Introduction

    Marcea Ingersoll, Benjamin Bolden, Judy Wearing, Christopher DeLuca, Holly Ogden, Theodore Michael Christou

    Chapter 2: Aesthetics

    Anchor Text: Shifra Schonmann

    Keyword Responses: Galicia Blackman, Benjamin Bolden

    Chapter 3: Becoming

    Anchor Text: Marg Sellers

    Keyword Responses: Benjamin Bolden, Judy Wearing

    Chapter 4: Complexity

    Anchor Text: Brent Davis

    Keyword Responses: Stephen MacGregor, Christopher DeLuca

    Chapter 5: Currere

    Anchor Text: William F. Pinar

    Keyword Responses: Holly Ogden, Benjamin Bolden

    Chapter 6: Discourse

    Anchor Text: James Paul Gee

    Keyword Responses: Benjamin Bolden, Clarissa Mae de Leon

    Chapter 7: Ecology

    Anchor Text: Rena Upitis

    Keyword Responses: Rosie Kerr, Marcea Ingersoll

    Chapter 8: Ethics

    Anchor Text: Nel Noddings

    Keyword Responses: Pamela Rogers, Holly Ogden

    Chapter 9: Experience

    Anchor Text: Rachel Heydon & Elisabeth Davies

    Keyword Responses: Matthew Jenkins, Alice Johnston

    Chapter 10: Hermeneutics

    Anchor Text: Karen A. Krasny & Patrick Slattery

    Keyword Responses: Daniela Greco-Giancola, Judy Wearing

    Chapter 11: Imagination

    Anchor Text: Gillian Judson

    Keyword Responses: Cassie MacPhail, Barbara Lorraine Laing

    Chapter 12: Indigeneity

    Anchor Text: Jennifer Davis, Lindsay Morcom, & Deb St. Amant

    Keyword Responses: James McCourt, Kimberly Eyers

    Chapter 13: Narrative

    Anchor Text: Leah C. Fowler

    Keyword Responses: Shamari Reid, Francine Almash

    Chapter 14: Normativity

    Anchor Text: Claire Robson & Dennis Sumara

    Keyword Responses: Robert P. Robinson, Clarissa Mae de Leon

    Chapter 15: Place

    Anchor Text: Dwayne Donald

    Keyword Responses: Andy Curtis, Judy Wearing

    Chapter 16: Poetics

    Anchor Text: Carl Leggo

    Keyword Responses: Kimberly Eyers, Theodore Michael Christou

    Chapter 17: Representation

    Anchor Text: Awad Ibrahim

    Keyword Responses: Tiina Kukkonen, Christopher DeLuca

    Chapter 18: Social Justice

    Anchor Text: Debbie Sonu

    Keyword Responses: Leanne Nunes, Marcea Ingersoll

    Chapter 19: Standards

    Anchor Text: Lorna M. Earl & Ken O’Connor

    Keyword Responses: Rubaiyat Jabeen, Marcea Ingersoll

    Chapter 20: Temporality

    Anchor Text: Adrian Downey & Pam Whitty

    Keyword Responses: Jen McConnel, Andy Curtis

    Chapter 21: Conclusion: In Curriculum Conversation

    Christopher DeLuca & Holly Ogden


    Judy Wearing is an independent scholar researching the pedagogy of creativity.

    Marcea Ingersoll is an Associate Professor in the School of Education and a member of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Narrative at St. Thomas University, Canada.

    Christopher DeLuca is an Associate Professor and graduate faculty member in Curriculum and Classroom Assessment at the Faculty of Education, Queen’s University, Canada.

    Benjamin Bolden is an Associate Professor and UNESCO Chair of Arts and Learning in the Faculty of Education at Queen’s University, Canada.

    Holly Ogden is an Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Concurrent Education Program at the Faculty of Education, Queen’s University, Canada.

    Theodore Michael Christou is an Associate Professor of Social Studies in the Faculty of Education, cross-appointed to the Department of History in the Faculty of Arts, Queen’s University, Canada.