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Key Readings In Cognition

About the Series

The aim of the series is to make available to senior undergraduate and graduate students key articles in each area of cognition psychology in an attractive, user-friendly format.

Many professors want to encourage their students to engage directly with research in their fields, yet this can often be daunting for students coming to detailed study of a topic for the first time.

Moreover, declining library budgets mean that articles are not always readily available, and course packs can be expensive and time-consuming to produce.

Key Readings in Cognition aims to address this need by providing comprehensive volumes, each one of which will be edited by a senior and active researcher in the field.

Articles will be carefully chosen to illustrate the way the field has developed historically as well as current issues and research directions.

Each volume will have a similar structure to include:

  • An overview chapter, as well as introduction to sections and articles.
  • Questions for class discussion.
  • Annotated bibliographies.
  • Comprehensive author and subject indexes.
  • The article How to Read a Journal Article in Cognitive Psychology, especially prepared for this series by Henry L. Roediger, III and David A. Gallo.

2 Series Titles

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Cognitive Psychology Key Readings

Cognitive Psychology: Key Readings

1st Edition

Edited By David Balota, Elizabeth Marsh
September 01, 2004

One problem confronting instructors in cognitive psychology courses is covering such diverse topics as pattern recognition, attention, memory, language, decision-making, and problem solving. It is virtually impossible to both cover these topics and also provide details regarding the beauty of the ...

Visual Perception Key Readings

Visual Perception: Key Readings

1st Edition

Edited By Steven Yantis
November 10, 2000

Collects twenty five classic articles in visual perception, the articles span a century and include examples from disciplines that contribute to our current understanding of vision. Discussion questions and further reading suggestions follow....

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