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Key Thinkers in Psychology and Neuroscience

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Key Thinkers in Individual Differences Ideas on Personality and Intelligence

Key Thinkers in Individual Differences: Ideas on Personality and Intelligence

1st Edition

By Alex Forsythe
May 31, 2019

Key Thinkers in Individual Differences introduces the life, work and thought of 25 of the most influential figures who have shaped and developed the measurement of intelligence and personality. Expanding on from a résumé of academic events, this book makes sense of these psychologists by bringing ...

Key Thinkers in Neuroscience

Key Thinkers in Neuroscience

1st Edition

By Andy Wickens
October 04, 2018

Key Thinkers in Neuroscience provides insight into the life and work of some of the most significant minds that have shaped the field. Studies of the human brain have been varied and complex, and there have been many pioneers who have broken new ground in neuroscience research. Adopting a ...

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