1st Edition

Kinship and Marriage Among the Anlo Ewe
Volume 37

ISBN 9781845200428
Published January 1, 1969 by Routledge
236 Pages

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Book Description

Dr Nukunya is one of the few Africans who have worked as trained anthropologists among their own people. His book is a study of the Anlo, the most numerous of the Ewe peoples who are divided between Ghana and Togo. Their descent is remarkable in that a patrilineal ideology is balanced by unusually strong matrilineal ties, and descent is traced from genitor whether or not he is the mother's legal husband. Dr Nukunya describes the complex system of landholdings that the high densisty of population make necessary. Adjustments are made by the exercise of claims through maternal kin; his conclusion contradicts the argument that patrilineal claims are asserted more strongly where there is pressure on land. He also discusses the changes in household structure that result from the absence of parents on trading or fishing expeditions or in wage employment.

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION 1 Anlo Country: Habitat and Economy, 2 Ethnic Composition of the Anlo Kingdom, 8 The Political System, 9 The Literature on the Ewe and the Anlo, 15 Field Work and Methodology, 17 THE KINSHIP SYSTEM 21 The Clan, 21 The Lineage, 25 The basic behaviour patterns among agnates, 38 Non-agnatic kinship, 42 The basic behaviour patterns in matrilateral kinship, 48 The Language of Kinship, 53 MARRIAGE 63 Marriage Prohibitions, 63 Incest and Adultery, 67 Preferential Marriages, 71 Selection of partners and relations between the sexes before marriage, 77 Courting, 79 The marriage ceremonies, 85 Marriage and filiation of children, 96 Second marriages, irregular unions and paternity, 98 Divorce 103 Social structure, marriage payment and divorce, 115 Conclusion, I20 THE FAMILYThe Household in its physical setting, 123The Composition of the household group, 127 The Individual's stages of development, 143 Interpersonal relations within the family, 154 THE EFFECTS OF SOCIAL CHANGES ON KINSHIP, MARRIAGE AND THE FAMILY 162 Kin groups and social change, 164 Marriage and the family in the changing conditions, 179Conclusion, 190

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Dr Nukunya teaches sociology in the University of Ghana and has been a visiting professor at the University of Michigan, East Lansing.