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LSE Monographs on Social Anthropology

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With over 70 volumes published since 1949, including classic works by Gell, Barth, Leach and Firth, the LSE Monographs now form one of the most prestigious series in the discipline of Anthropology. Presenting scholarly work from all branches of Social Anthropology, the series continues to build on its history with both theoretical and ethnographic studies of the contemporary world.

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Politics of Recuperation Repair and Recovery in Post-Crisis Portugal

Politics of Recuperation: Repair and Recovery in Post-Crisis Portugal

1st Edition


Edited By Francisco Martinez
June 30, 2021

Through a range of ethnographic case studies focusing on the Portuguese recovery after the economic crisis, this book begins a conversation about the experience of recuperation and repair. Located in the cracks and gaps between the state and society, recuperation appears as a social and ...

Slavery and Essentialism in Highland Madagascar Ethnography, History, Cognition

Slavery and Essentialism in Highland Madagascar: Ethnography, History, Cognition

1st Edition

By Denis Regnier
December 11, 2020

This book explores the prejudice against slave descendants in highland Madagascar and its persistence more than a century after the official abolition of slavery. ‘Unclean people’ is a widespread expression in the southern highlands of Madagascar, and refers to people of alleged slave descent who ...

Somali, Muslim, British Striving in Securitized Britain

Somali, Muslim, British: Striving in Securitized Britain

1st Edition

By Giulia Liberatore
December 27, 2018

Somalis are one of the most chastised Muslim communities in Europe. Depicted in the news as victims of female genital mutilation, perpetrators of gang violence, or more recently, as radical Islamists, Somalis have been cast as a threat to social cohesion, national identity, and security in Britain ...

Affective Encounters Everyday Life among Chinese Migrants in Zambia

Affective Encounters: Everyday Life among Chinese Migrants in Zambia

1st Edition

By Di Wu
August 18, 2020

Against the background of China's rapidly growing, and sometimes highly controversial, activities in Africa, this book is among the first of its kind to systematically document Sino-African interactions at the everyday level. Based on sixteen months of ethnographic fieldwork at two contrasting ...

Work, Sleep, Repeat The Abstract Labour of German Management Consultants

Work, Sleep, Repeat: The Abstract Labour of German Management Consultants

1st Edition

By Felix Stein
April 18, 2019

Work, Sleep, Repeat is a fascinating account of the work regime of German management consultants. Examining one of the most sought-after – and secretive – graduate professions, the book provides a first-hand account of the boardroom culture of Europe’s strongest economy. Analyzing how knowledge and...

Questions of Anthropology

Questions of Anthropology

1st Edition

Edited By Rita Astuti, Jonathan Parry, Charles Stafford
July 01, 2007

Anthropology today seems to shy away from the big, comparative questions that ordinary people in many societies find compelling. Questions of Anthropology brings these issues back to the centre of anthropological concerns.Individual essays explore birth, death and sexuality, puzzles about the ...

Ordinary Ethics in China

Ordinary Ethics in China

1st Edition

Edited By Charles Stafford
February 14, 2013

Drawing on a wide range of anthropological case studies, this book focuses on ordinary ethics in contemporary China. The book examines the kinds of moral and ethical issues that emerge (sometimes almost unnoticed) in the flow of everyday life in Chinese communities.How are schoolchildren judged to ...

Contingent Citizens Professional Aspiration in a South African Hospital

Contingent Citizens: Professional Aspiration in a South African Hospital

1st Edition

By Elizabeth Hull
April 18, 2019

Contingent Citizens examines the ambiguous state of South Africa’s public sector workers and the implications for contemporary understandings of citizenship. It takes us inside an ethnography of the professional ethic of nurses in a rural hospital in KwaZulu-Natal, shaped by a deep history of ...

Space and Society in Central Brazil A Panará Ethnography

Space and Society in Central Brazil: A Panará Ethnography

1st Edition

By Elizabeth Ewart
November 21, 2013

Hailed once as ‘giants of the Amazon’, Panará people emerged onto a world stage in the early 1970s. What followed is a remarkable story of socio-demographic collapse, loss of territory, and subsequent recovery. Reduced to just 79 survivors in 1976, Panará people have gone on to recover and reclaim ...

Cooperation in Chinese Communities Morality and Practice

Cooperation in Chinese Communities: Morality and Practice

1st Edition

Edited By Charles Stafford, Ellen R. Judd, Eona Bell
December 13, 2018

When humans cooperate, what are the social and psychological mechanisms that enable them to do so successfully? Is cooperativeness something natural for humans, built in to our species over the course of evolution, or rather something that depends on cultural learning and social interaction? This ...

Akokoaso A Survey of a Gold Coast Village

Akokoaso: A Survey of a Gold Coast Village

1st Edition

By W. H. Beckett
January 01, 2011

Initially published in 1943. Akokoaso is a small village in the central province of the Gold Coast Colony, in the heart of the cocoa country. In this study the author presents his survey directed at the Gold Coast 'Middletown' during the period of 1932 to 5. The report covers the village and its ...

Industrial Work and Life An Anthropological Reader

Industrial Work and Life: An Anthropological Reader

1st Edition

Edited By Massimiliano Mollona, Geert De Neve, Jonathan Parry
December 01, 2009

Industrial Work and Life: An Anthropological Reader is a comprehensive anthropological overview of industrialisation in both Western and non-Western societies. Based on contemporary and historical ethnographic material, the book unpacks the 'world of industry' in the context of the shop floor, the ...

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