1st Edition

Knowledge and Practice in Business and Organisations

    276 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    276 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Knowledge and Practice in Business and Organisations contributes to scholarly understanding of knowledge and practice, mapping the conceptual terrain, providing a critical review of debates in the field and setting out key theoretical perspectives. Knowledge and practice are explored in a range of organisational and policy settings through six context-specific discussions. The collection helps shape the field, identify areas for future research inquiry, and suggest implications for practitioners.

    The range of sites of inquiry represented in the book (e.g. craft working, accounting, public sector organisations, creative industries, health care, and so on) make the book distinctive, enabling the reader to connect debates and ideas from across a range of sectors and disciplines. The book charts different currents of debate which have hitherto tended to remain unconnected.

    In one accessible volume, this book provides an excellent introduction to a set of concepts that have animated scholarly conversations across a range of disciplines and provides cases and examples of practices which come from beyond any one particular sector. Aimed at researchers and academics in the field, this book is valuable source, helping define and progress the scholarly debate.

    1. Introducing the Aims, Background and Content of this Book Kevin Orr, Rod Bain, Bonnie Hacking, Clare Moran, Sandra Nutley and Shona Russell  Part A: Mapping the Conceptual Landscape  2. Understanding Knowledge and Knowing Tricia R Tooman, Cinla Akinci and Huw TO Davies  3. Understanding Practice(s) and Practising Rod Bain and Christopher Mueller  4. Power, Knowledge and Practice Christopher Mueller, Alina Baluch and Kevin Orr  5. Perspectives on Knowledge Work Toma Pustelnikovaite and Shiona Chillas  6. Identity, Knowledge and Practice Nic Beech, Gail Greig and Louisa Preston  Part B: Context-specific Discussions of the Relationship between Knowledge and Practice  7. Sensing Bodies: The Aesthetics of Knowing and Practicing Anna Brown, Gail Greig and Emilia Ferraro  8. Everyday Creative Development Practices in Advertising Christian Grahle and Paul Hibbert  9. Mind the Gap! Exploring Academics’ and Professional Practitioners’ Views of Accounting Knowledge Lorna Stevenson, Louise Crawford and John Ferguson  10. Negotiating Knowledge through Boundary Organisations in Environmental Policy Clare Moran, Shona Russell and Lucy Wishart  11. Organising to Connect Academic Knowledge and Practice in Healthcare Joyce Wilkinson and Jo Rycroft-Malone  12. Philanthropy: Knowledge, Practice and Blind Hope Tobias Jung and Jenny Harrow  Part C: Integrating the Insights on Knowledge and Practice and their Implications for Action  13. Knowledge Mobilisation: Creating, Sharing and Using Knowledge Sandra Nutley and Huw Davies  14. Coproducing Knowledge and Practice Kevin Orr and Tobias Jung  15. Further Voices, Future  Actions How Social Practices Generate, Carry and Require Knowledge and Know-how Stanley Blue and Elizabeth Shove  Local Government Knowledge and Evidence Needs: Making the Links Tim Allen and Clive Grace  Fully Smart Cities, Knowledge and Learning Duncan Maclennan, Julie Miao and Clare Moran  Implications for Consultancy Practice - Putting Knowledge into Practice? Mike Bennett  Ethical Practice in Management Education Sam Mansell and Charles Lovatt  16. Concluding Reflections: Exploring and Mapping the Knowledge and Practice Terrain Sandra Nutley, Rod Bain, Bonnie Hacking, Clare Moran, Kevin Orr and Shona Russell


    Kevin Orr is Professor of Management and Head of the School of Management at the University of St Andrews, UK.

    Rod Bain is a Lecturer at the School of Management, University of St Andrews, UK and a PhD Candidate specialising in sustainability issues and grass roots activism..

    Bonnie Hacking is Enterprise Adviser in the University of St Andrews Careers Centre, a Director of Enterprise Educators UK, and a member of the Knowledge and Practice group, School of Management, University of St Andrews, UK.

    Clare Moran is Policy Fellowships Coordinator, Centre for Science and Policy, University of Cambridge UK. She is affiliated to the Research Unit for Research Utilisation, University of St Andrews, UK.

    Sandra Nutley is Professor of Public Policy and Management, and Co-Director of the Research Unit for Research Utilisation (RURU), University of St Andrews, UK.

    Shona Russell is Lecturer in Knowledge and Practice at the School of Management, University of St Andrews, UK.