Routledge Advances in Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management

Series Editor:

Strategic topics such as Organizational Learning (OL) Knowledge Management (KM), and Intellectual Capital (IC) are gaining greater interest both from the academic community and organisations in the highly competitive environment of today’s economy. The influence of innovation and learning present a competitive advantage for firms, universities, organizations and regions.

The main goal of this book series is to bring together a selection of new perspectives from leading researchers on topics such as knowledge management and learning in cities and regions; knowledge management and intellectual capital reporting in universities, research centres and cities; future skills of knowledge workers, gamification and more.

The books in this series will reflect the most up-to-date research by leading experts from around the world, with special attention to new emerging topics. Some of the books will have a specific focus on relevant topics within certain economies/zones (for example, Central Asia, Himalayan Region, Gulf Region, New Silk Route).