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A Practical Guide to Searching LGBTQIA Historical Records

A Practical Guide to Searching LGBTQIA Historical Records

1st Edition

By Norena Shopland
November 12, 2020

This book provides a number of effective tools to aid in the recovery of LGBTQIA historic material by providing extensive glossary and non-glossary written descriptions, and how to use those terms and phrases in searching effectively online and offline. Researching hidden and forbidden people from...

Queers in State Socialism Cruising 1970s Poland

Queers in State Socialism: Cruising 1970s Poland

1st Edition

Edited By Tomasz Basiuk, Jędrzej Burszta
October 23, 2020

This short collection of essays engages with queer lives and activism in 1970s Poland, illustrating discourses about queerness and a trajectory of the struggle for rights which clearly sets itself apart, and differs from a Western-based narrative of liberation. Contributors to this volume paint an...

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