1st Edition

LGBTQ Voices in Education Changing the Culture of Schooling

Edited By Veronica E. Bloomfield, Marni E. Fisher Copyright 2016
    256 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    256 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    LGBTQ Voices in Education: Changing the Culture of Schooling addresses the ways in which teachers can meet the needs of LGBTQ students and improve the culture surrounding gender, sexuality, and identity issues in formal learning environments. Written by experts from a variety of backgrounds including educational foundations, leadership, cultural studies, literacy, criminology, theology, media assessment, and more, these chapters are designed to help educators find the inspiration and support they need to become allies and advocates of queer students, whose safety, well-being, and academic performance are regularly and often systemically threatened. Emphasizing socially just curricula, supportive school climates, and transformative educational practices, this innovative book is applicable to K-12, college-level, and graduate settings, and beyond.


    Kris De Pedro

    Preface: Entering the Conversation: Dancing with Dragons

    Veronica E. Bloomfield and Marni E. Fisher

    Section I Introduction: Raising Awareness: Troubling the Waters

    Veronica E. Bloomfield and Marni E. Fisher

    Chapter One: How Old Ideas Can Help New Teachers: Support for LGBTQ Students as a Core Value

    Michael Sadowski

    Chapter Two: Exploring LGBTQ Issues in K-12 Education: A Dialogue with Graduate Students

    Lynda R. Wiest, Cynthia H. Brock, and Julie L. Pennington

    Chapter Three: Speaking of Sexuality: Teaching, Learning, and Mothering through the Questions

    Veronica E. Bloomfield

    Chapter Four: Breaking the Conspiracy of Silence: Creating Spaces at the Intersection of Diversity and Controversy

    Marni E. Fisher and Kevin Stockbridge

    Interlude I: Traveling Poet

    Stacy E. Schupmann

    Section II Introduction: Climate and Culture: Fostering Positive Identities

    Veronica E. Bloomfield and Marni E. Fisher

    Chapter Five: Educator Evaluations of School Climate for LGBTQ Students: A Reiteration of the Bullying Discourse

    Melissa J. Smith and Elizabethe Payne

    Chapter Six: Searching for Self and Society: Sexual and Gender Minority Youth Online

    Elise Paradis

    Chapter Seven: Changing School Culture through Gay-Straight Alliances

    Markus Bidell

    Chapter Eight: Queering Children’s Literature: Rationale and Resources

    Danné E. Davis

    Interlude II: Do You Need My Queerness to Define Your Straightness: The Pedagogy of Queering-Deviance in the Academy

    Anna V. Wilson

    Section III Introduction: Transformative Practices

    Veronica E. Bloomfield and Marni E. Fisher

    Chapter Nine: We Recruit: A Queer Pedagogy for Teacher Education

    Julia Heffernan and Tina Gutierez-Schmich

    Chapter Ten: Out of the Closet and Into the Classroom: LGBTQ Issues and Inclusive Classroom Practice

    Sean Robinson

    Chapter Eleven: Developing Critical Dialogue

    J. Spencer Clark and James S. Brown

    Chapter Twelve: Queer Earth: Troubling Dirt, Humanness, Gender Assumptions, and Binaries to Nurture Bioculturally Responsive Curricula

    Marna Hauk

    Dénouement: Speaking Up

    Marni E. Fisher and Veronica E. Bloomfield

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    Veronica E. Bloomfield is Adjunct Faculty in the College of Educational Studies at Chapman University, USA.

    Marni E. Fisher is Adjunct Faculty in the College of Educational Studies at Chapman University, USA.

    "From politicians to pundits to peers, we can hear homophobia normalized and routinized daily, but we can also insist that they not be what frame our experiences or our education, as is the call of Bloomfield, Fisher, and colleagues in this important new book. LGBTQ Voices in Education brings together a refreshingly diverse mix of scholars and educators from various disciplines to inspire changes that educators across grade levels and educational sessions can and should make possible for all of our students."

    --Kevin Kumashiro, Dean and Professor of the School of Education at the University of San Francisco, USA, and author of Against Common Sense: Teaching and Learning toward Social Justice