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Landmark Essays Series

About the Series

Landmark Essays is a series of anthologies providing ready access to key rhetorical studies in a wide variety of fields. The classic articles and chapters that are fundamental to every subject are often the most difficult to obtain, and almost impossible to find arranged together for research or for classroom use. This series solves that problem.

Each book encompasses a dozen or more of the most significant published studies in a particular field, and includes an index and bibliography for further study.

The Landmark Essays series is not accepting new proposals at this time.

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Landmark Essays on Historiographies of Rhetorics

Landmark Essays on Historiographies of Rhetorics

1st Edition

Edited By Victor J Vitanza
June 15, 2016

This reader presents essays that editor Victor Vitanza describes as "efforts at revisionary histories that are either quasi-traditional histories or radical subversive histories." They are influential works published over the past four decades by major rhetoricians and historians with radically ...

Landmark Essays on Archival Research

Landmark Essays on Archival Research

1st Edition

Edited By Lynee Lewis Gaillet, Helen Diana Eidson, Don Gammill Jr.
December 15, 2015

Landmark Essays on Archival Research gathers over twenty years of essays addressing archival research methodologies and methods. They give readers a sense of how scholars have articulated archival research over the last two decades, providing insight into the shifts research methods have undergone ...

Landmark Essays on Speech and Writing

Landmark Essays on Speech and Writing

1st Edition

Edited By Peter Elbow
December 02, 2014

Classical rhetoric was originally all about speech; then as the new technology emerged, it took an interest in writing. We are at a kind of mirror moment now. The present field of composition and rhetoric has been preoccupied with writing for the last fifty or more years, but scholars are looking ...

Landmark Essays on Rhetoric and Feminism 1973-2000

Landmark Essays on Rhetoric and Feminism: 1973-2000

1st Edition

Edited By Cheryl Glenn, Andrea Lunsford
September 25, 2014

"Feminism" and "rhetoric" have not always been overlapping terms. While neglected as subjects of scholarly interest for many years, women were nonetheless developing rhetorical practices and traditions all along. In recent decades women writers, speakers, and feminist scholars have forged new ...

Landmark Essays on Basic Writing Volume 18

Landmark Essays on Basic Writing: Volume 18

1st Edition

Edited By Kay Halasek, Nels P. Highberg
May 01, 2001

The essays selected for this volume address debilitating assumptions that place both students and teachers of basic writing, as well as the discipline itself, on the margins of educational, economic, and political localities of influence. The collection presents readers with previously published ...

Landmark Essays on Contemporary Rhetoric Volume 15

Landmark Essays on Contemporary Rhetoric: Volume 15

1st Edition

Edited By Thomas B. Farrell
August 01, 1998

This work brings together the pivotal, scholarly essays responsible for the present resurgence in rhetorical studies. Assembled by one of the most respected senior scholars in the field of rhetoric, the essays chart a course from tradition-based theory of civic rhetoric to ongoing issues of ...

Landmark Essays on Bakhtin, Rhetoric, and Writing Volume 13

Landmark Essays on Bakhtin, Rhetoric, and Writing: Volume 13

1st Edition

Edited By Frank Farmer
February 01, 1998

The essays in this collection give voice to the plurality of approaches that scholars in the field of rhetoric and composition have when they set forth to assimilate Bakhtin for their varied purposes. The collection is arranged in three major sections. The first attempts to capture the most ...

Landmark Essays on Aristotelian Rhetoric Volume 14

Landmark Essays on Aristotelian Rhetoric: Volume 14

1st Edition

Edited By Richard L. Enos, Lois P. Agnew
January 01, 1998

There is little doubt that Aristotle's Rhetoric has made a major impact on rhetoric and composition studies. This impact has not only been chronicled throughout the history of rhetoric, but has more recently been contested as contemporary rhetoricians reexamine Aristotelian rhetoric and its ...

Landmark Essays on Rhetoric and the Environment Volume 12

Landmark Essays on Rhetoric and the Environment: Volume 12

1st Edition

Edited By Craig Waddell
January 01, 1998

This volume presents some of the best essays yet published on rhetoric and the environment. The collection should appeal to an interdisciplinary audience, including those interested in rhetoric, especially rhetoric of science and/or the environment, environmental studies, and modern American ...

Landmark Essays on American Public Address Volume 1

Landmark Essays on American Public Address: Volume 1

1st Edition

Edited By Martin Medhurst
November 01, 1995

This volume traces the historical evolution of American academic thought concerning public address -- what it is, how it ought to be studied, and what can be learned by engaging rhetorical texts in an analytical fashion. To begin, one must distinguish among three separate but interrelated uses of ...

Landmark Essays on Kenneth Burke Volume 2

Landmark Essays on Kenneth Burke: Volume 2

1st Edition

Edited By Barry Brummett
November 01, 1995

In the inaugural series of "Landmark Essay" books, this is the only volume which focuses on the work of one scholar. Kenneth Burke -- poet, scholar, critic, iconoclast, eccentric, and Yankee crank -- is the major figure in American humanities in the twentieth century. He does not fit tidily into ...

Landmark Essays on Rhetorical Criticism Volume 5

Landmark Essays on Rhetorical Criticism: Volume 5

1st Edition

Edited By Thomas W. Benson
November 01, 1995

This book is an anthology of landmark essays in rhetorical criticism. In historical usage, a landmark marks a path or a boundary; as a metaphor in social and intellectual history, landmark signifies some act or event that marks a significant achievement or turning point in the progress or decline ...

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