1st Edition

Language, Translation and Management Knowledge A Research Overview

By Susanne Tietze Copyright 2021
    92 Pages
    by Routledge

    92 Pages
    by Routledge

    The book provides insights, description and analysis over the knowledge production process within business, organization, and management research. Importantly, it does so from a language and translation perspective. It critically engages with the role of English in this process and provides theoretical argument for the need to include multilingualism in research. Translation is investigated as a concept for future inquiry.

    The book is expressive and formative of language-based research that is gaining momentum in business, management, and organization research. It offers conceptual innovation through a thorough treatment of multilingualism and translation, having the potentiality to guide future empirical and theoretical research, and to dispel hidden hegemonic knowledge production practices. The readers will gain insights into the current status quo of language-based inquiry, discussions of multilingualism for research design and be informed about the philosophical underpinnings of language-based research. Specifically, the benefits include the review and summary of key publications in this field, discussion and analysis of hidden assumptions of knowledge production, a critical take on knowledge production, an outline and discussion of implications of multilingual research for research design and methods, discussion of philosophical underpinnings and a vision for future research.

    The book is an invaluable source for all research students whose projects contain elements of multilingual research, whether empirical or theoretical. Likewise, the growing body of researchers who take a language-sensitive approach to their research may find it as a source that ‘pulls together’ the current knowledge status quo while offering discussions of future trajectories. The book is extremely useful for the teaching of research methods in undergraduate, postgraduate and also Master’s or doctoral programmes as many students are not native English speakers and are directly confronted with the subject matter of the book.

    1. Introduction

    2. English and Management Research

    3. English, Language Diversity and Translation in Management Research

    4. Toward a Reconfiguration of Language Diversity and Translation in Management Research

    5. Developing Global Literacy for Management Research

    6. Conclusion


    Susanne Tietze, PhD, is Professor of Multilingual Management at Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University, UK. Her current research focuses on the constitution of multilingual organizations through language and translation.

    "Susanne Tietze’s latest book provides one of the most comprehensive treatises of knowledge production from a language and translation perspective. It views research as a multilingual process of knowledge production that requires critical reflexivity and continuous perfection of skills. It speaks to a broad audience of both seasoned and junior management researchers whose fieldwork crosses language boundaries. I can warmly recommend this excellent and innovative book." Rebecca Piekkari, Professor of International Business, Aalto University, Finland.

    "Awareness of the relevance of translation in our multilingual world is gaining momentum across many disciplines, and this book is timely reading for anyone interested in managing multilingual realities. Graced by a depth of understanding the book is exemplary in its wide treatment of pertinent issues related to translation." Kaisa Koskinen, Professor of Translation Studies, Tampere University, Finland.

    "The author of this innovative book questions the epistemological and methodological dimensions of international management research, by simply asking the unasked question: what does it mean to do international management research in English?" Philippe Lecomte, Emeritus Professor at Toulouse Business School, France; and Chair of GEM&L (Groupe D’Etudes de Management et Langages)

    "An invaluable resource for international researchers who engage in multilingual research and delves into important issues of knowledge production from a language and translation perspective." Huiping Xian, Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at University of Sheffield, UK.