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State of the Art in Business Research

About the Series

Advances in theory, methods and applied knowledge alongside structural changes in the global economic ecosystem, present researchers with challenges in seeking to stay abreast of their fields and navigate new scholarly terrains.

This series presents shortform books which provide an expert map to guide readers through new and rapidly evolving areas of research. Each title will provide an overview of the area, a guide to the key literature along with  time-saving summaries of how theory interacts with practice.

As a collection, these books provide a library of theoretical and conceptual insights into business research. Each book contributes to an understanding of the state of the art, as a foundation stone for a new generation of research.

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Ethical Consumption A Research Overview

Ethical Consumption: A Research Overview

1st Edition


By Alex Hiller, Helen Goworek
April 11, 2023

Arising from foundations in green and eco consumerism alongside corporate social responsibility, ethical consumption is a multi-disciplinary area of research, incorporating perspectives from marketing, psychology and sociology. This shortform book presents an expert overview of the empirical ...

Cultural Management A Research Overview

Cultural Management: A Research Overview

1st Edition


By Chris Bilton
March 07, 2023

This shortform book tells the research story of cultural management, helping scholars to analyse and combine theoretical models into an approach of their own. Cultural management emerged and developed out of the field of arts management in the 1980s, which imported managerial techniques and ...

Talent Management A Research Overview

Talent Management: A Research Overview

1st Edition

By Anthony McDonnell, Sharna Wiblen
January 09, 2023

Talent management is a central element of managerial discourse and organisational practice. This short-form book provides a succinct overview on the state of research on talent management. The authors set out the key themes, arguments, trends and future research trajectories of talent management, ...

Work in the Gig Economy A Research Overview

Work in the Gig Economy: A Research Overview

1st Edition

By James Duggan, Anthony McDonnell, Ultan Sherman, Ronan Carbery
January 09, 2023

Throughout the last decade, the ‘gig economy’ has emerged as one of the most significant developments in the world of work. As a novel, hyper-flexible form of labour, gig work features a uniquely fragmented working arrangement wherein independent workers partner with digital platform organisations ...

Brands and Consumers A Research Overview

Brands and Consumers: A Research Overview

1st Edition

By Jaywant Singh, Benedetta Crisafulli
December 27, 2022

Brand management is firmly established as a core business and marketing activity. The research evidence on how consumers react to branding, however, is in constant evolution globally. This short-form book provides a comprehensive overview of research evidence on several core branding topics whilst ...

Healthcare Management Control A Research Overview

Healthcare Management Control: A Research Overview

1st Edition

By Michelle Carr, Matthias Beck
May 25, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges to those responsible for the management of healthcare activities. These challenges require decision makers at all levels to possess a broad and comprehensive understanding of healthcare management tools, and especially of the interaction ...

Remote Working A Research Overview

Remote Working: A Research Overview

1st Edition

By Alan Felstead
January 20, 2022

The coronavirus pandemic forced work back into the home on a massive scale. The long-held belief that work and home are separate spheres of economic life was turned on its head overnight. Many employees were new to this way of working and many employers had to manage a disparate workforce for the ...

Organizing Corporeal Ethics A Research Overview

Organizing Corporeal Ethics: A Research Overview

1st Edition

By Alison Pullen, Carl Rhodes
October 17, 2021

This book explores the meaning and practice of corporeal ethics in organized life. Corporeal ethics originates from an emergent, embodied, and affective experience with others that precedes and exceeds those rational schemes that seek to regulate it. Pullen and Rhodes show how corporeal ethics is ...

Philosophy and Management Studies A Research Overview

Philosophy and Management Studies: A Research Overview

1st Edition

By Raza Mir, Michelle Greenwood
June 25, 2021

Irrespective of whether one thinks of philosophy explicitly, each organizational researcher is a philosopher. A philosophical position is predicated on a variety of approaches relating to ontology, epistemology, methodology, ethics, and political positions. Depending on where one stands with regard...

Language, Translation and Management Knowledge A Research Overview

Language, Translation and Management Knowledge: A Research Overview

1st Edition

By Susanne Tietze
June 04, 2021

The book provides insights, description and analysis over the knowledge production process within business, organization, and management research. Importantly, it does so from a language and translation perspective. It critically engages with the role of English in this process and provides ...

Work and Stress A Research Overview

Work and Stress: A Research Overview

1st Edition

By Philip Dewe, Cary L Cooper
May 28, 2020

Stress is a leading cause of ill health in the workplace. This shortform book analyses, summarizes and contextualises research around stress at work. The book begins by exploring the impact and challenges of technology and the challenging and changing contours and boundaries of the nature of work....

Operations Management A Research Overview

Operations Management: A Research Overview

1st Edition

By Michael A. Lewis
December 05, 2019

Operations Management (OM) is a multi-faceted blend of myriad academic andpractical disciplines – from engineering and economics via mathematics and marketing, to systems and psychology. To capture the state of the art, the bookreviews contemporary and classic scholarship in one of the oldest ...

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