1st Edition

Language and Communication in Mental Retardation Development, Processes, and intervention

By Sheldon Rosenberg, Leonard Abbeduto Copyright 1993
    272 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    272 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Research on language and communication development and intervention in persons with mental retardation has been conducted at a fast and furious pace during the last two decades. Past attempts to summarize this research have been rather restricted, focusing on a single, narrowly defined substantive domain such as lexical development, or of a single etiology such as Down Syndrome.

    This volume, in contrast, presents a critical, integrative review of research and theory on language development and processing across all domains and a variety of etiologies. In addition, many previous attempts to review portions of this research have failed to consider the research within the context of current theory and data from developmental psycholinguistics and linguistics. A major contribution of this book is the emphasis on relevant work outside of mental retardation for understanding and treating the language and communication problems of persons with mental retardation. Finally, this book is comprehensive and up-to-date across all the areas of language covered including appropriate introductory material in linguistics and psychology -- discussions of the innateness, cognition-first and motherese views of normal language acquisition. In addition, the authors' extensive bibliography is valuable in and of itself to any serious student or professional in the area.

    Contents: Preface. Introduction. Linguistic Background and Language Development in Nondisabled Persons. Phonological Development. Semantic Development. Morphosyntactic Development. Linguistic Communication and Its Development. Development of Linguistic Communication. Adult-Child Interaction and the Development of Language and Communication. Language and Communication Intervention.


    Sheldon Rosenberg, Leonard Abbeduto

    "It would make a suitable text for advanced undergraduates and entry level graduate students in programs such as cognitive psychology, educational psychology, developmental psychology, communicative disorders, and special education. Simultaneously, it provides an excellent review of research, theory, and interventions in the fields of language, communication and mental retardation, making it suitable for researchers, advanced level graduate students and practitioners....meets and exceeds the reader's expectations in a concise, reader-friendly manner. The authors provide the reader with a thorough, critical, integrative review of the literature, discussing the state of the field, methodological shortcomings and suggestions for further research."
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    "...should prove valuable for relevant courses in psychology, special education, linguistics, and communication disorders."
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