1st Edition

Lasers in the Conservation of Artworks VIII

    Laser techniques offer possibilities for the examination and conservation of artwork, and for the prevention of cultural heritage. This collection of peer reviewed papers from the 8th International Conference on Lasers in the Conservation of Artworks, Sibiu, Romania, September 21-25, 2009, addresses various aspects of cultural heritage preservation (laser induced phenomenas, laser investigations and recent laboratory studies and onsite applications).

    The main topics include:

    – Innovative approaches in laser cleaning researches and instrumentation development;

    – Laser investigation and diagnostics methods;

    – Monitoring, imaging and documentation of artwork.

    Lasers in the Conservation of Artworks VIII will appeal to laser scientists, conservation scientists, scientists in the field of optoelectronics, chemistry, IT and biology, conservators-restorers, architects, art historians, archaeologists, and decision makers in the field of conservation and restoration of artworks.

    Gauguin, Mucha, and Art Nouveau
    J.F. Asmus

    Innovative approaches in laser cleaning researches and instrumentation development

    The effect of ultrafast lasers on laser cleaning: Mechanism and practice
    K.G. Watkins, P.W. Fitzsimons, M. Sokhan & D. McPhail

    Spectral analysis of the effects of laser wavelength and pulse duration on tempera paints
    M. Oujja, M. Castillejo, P. Pouli, C. Fotakis & C. Domingo

    The role of the substrate in the laser cleaning process: A study on the laser assisted removal of polymeric consolidation materials from various substrates 
    S. Kogou, A. Selimis, P. Pouli, S. Georgiou & C. Fotakis

    Compact short pulsed fiber laser offers new possibilities for laser cleaning
    J. Hildenhagen & K. Dickmann

    Decontaminating pesticide-exposed museum collections
    J.F. Asmus

    Laser cleaning of burial encrustation and aged protective coating on Egyptian leather: Optimization of working conditions
    A.A. Elnaggar, P. Pouli, A. Nevin, M.A. Fouad & G.A. Mahgoub

    The practical use of lasers in removing deteriorated Incralac coatings from large bronze monuments
    A. Dajnowski & A. Lins

    PROCON TT 49: Laser cleaning of ancient Egyptian wall paintings and painted stone surfaces
    B. Graue, S. Brinkmann & C. Verbeek

    The influence of paper type and state of degradation on laser cleaning of artificially soiled paper
    S. Pentzien, A. Conradi & J. Krüger

    Laser cleaning studies for the removal of tarnishing from silver and gilt silver threads in silk textiles
    B. Taarnskov, P. Pouli & J. Bredal-Jørgensen

    Thickness of ablation control by structured light method
    R. Sitnik, J. Rutkiewicz & J. Marczak

    213 nm and 532 nm solid state laser treatment of biogenetical fibrous materials
    M. Forster, S. Arif, C. Huber, W. Kautek, S. Bushuk, A. Kouzmouk, H. Tatur & S. Batishche

    Free-running Er:YAG laser cleaning of mural painting specimens treated with linseed oil, “beverone” and Paraloid B72
    J. Striova, E. Castellucci, A. Sansonetti, M. Camaiti, M. Matteini, A. deCruz, A. Andreotti & M.P. Colombini
    Studies on the UV femtosecond ablation of polymers: Implications for the femtosecond laser cleaning of painted artworks
    I.A. Paun, A. Selimis, G. Bounos & S. Georgiou

    Monitoring the laser cleaning process of ornamental granites by means of digital image analysis
    J. Lamas, A.J. López, A. Ramil, B. Prieto & T. Rivas

    Optimization of laser cleaning parameters for the removal of biological black crusts in granites
    A.J. López, J. Lamas, A. Ramil, A. Yáñez, T. Rivas & J. Taboada

    Bronze putti from Wilanów Palace garden façade—conservation studies and tests of laser cleaning
    H. Garbacz, E. Fortuna, Ł. Ciupiński, K.J. Kurzydłowski, A. Koss, J. Mróz, A. Zatorska,K. Chmielewski, J. Marczak, M. Strzelec, A. Rycyk & W. Skrzeczanowski

    Comparative studies: Cleaning results of short pulsed Nd:YAG vs. fibre
    J. Hildenhagen & K. Dickmann

    Laser cleaning of iron: Surface appearance and re-corrosion of model systems
    C. Korenberg & A.M. Baldwin

    Reversion of darkened red lead-containing wall paintings by means of cw-laser irradiation:In situ tests and first application
    S. Aze, J.-M. Vallet, V. Detalle & O. Grauby

    Comparative study on the irradiation methods against fungal colonization case study
    S.A. Abd Abd El Rahim

    Investigation and diagnostics methods

    Absolute LIBS stratigraphy with Optical Coherence Tomography
    P. Targowski, E.A. Kwiatkowska, M. Sylwestrzak, J. Marczak, W. Skrzeczanowski, R. Ostrowski, E. Szmit-Naud & M. Iwanicka

    Database of complex paint spectra decomposed by principal component analysis, for identification of artwork colours
    Zs. Márton, T. Tóth, É. Galambos & R. Mingesz

    Study of matrix effect in the analysis of pigments mixtures using laser induced plasma spectroscopy
    M.P. Mateo, T. Ctvrtnickova, A. Yañez & G. Nicolas

    Pomerania Laboratory—A solution for the cultural heritage research and conservation
    A. Iwulska, I. Traczyńska, R. Jendrzejewski, M. Sawczak, G. Śliwiński & A. Kriegseisen

    THz-Time-Domain Spectroscopy—A new tool for the analysis of artwork
    M.J. Panzner, U. Klotzbach, E. Beyer, G. Torosyan, A. Schmid & W. Köhler

    19th century paints of Richard Ainè used by Jan Matejko (1838–1983). Analysis of preserved paints from tubes, palettes and of paintings’ surfaces and paint-layer 
    M. Wachowiak

    Study of the effect of relative humidity on the identification conditions of paper soiling by means of the NIR technique
    M. Sawczak, G. Rabczuk, A. Kamińska & G. Śliwiński

    Monitoring, imaging and documentation of artwork

    Experimentation of a three-focal photogrammetric survey system as non invasive technique for analysis and monitoring of painting surfaces decay condition 
    P. Salonia, A. Marcolongo & S. Scolastico

    RGB-ITR: An amplitude-modulated 3D colour laser scanner for cultural heritage applications
    R. Ricci, L. De Dominicis, M.F. De Collibus, G. Fornetti, M. Guarneri, M. Nuvoli & M. Francucci

    3D laser reconstructions of Buddhist temple from Ladakh
    D. Ene & R. Rădvan

    Robotized structured light system for automated 3D documenting of cultural heritage
    R. Sitnik, M. Karaszewski, W. Załuski & P. Bolewicki

    Through-glass structural examination of Hinterglasmalerei by Optical Coherence Tomography
    M. Iwanicka, L. Tymińska-Widmer, B.J. Rouba, E.A. Kwiatkowska, M. Sylwestrzak & P. Targowski

    Editing protocol for the digital mapping of related imagistic investigations
    L.M. Angheluta

    U-ITR: A 3D laser scanner prototype aimed at underwater archaeology applications
    R. Ricci, L. De Dominicis, M.F. De Collibus, G. Fornetti, M. Guarneri, M. Nuvoli & M. Francucci



    John F. Asmus, Roxana Radvan, Marta Castillejo, Paraskevi Pouli, Austin Nevin