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Latin American Tópicos

About the Series

Latin American Tópicos is a series of supplemental books designed specifically for undergraduate history, politics, and sociology courses on Latin America, focusing on various historical and political topics from the late 19th century to today.

By providing short, accessible surveys that cover critically important aspects of Latin American history and culture, Tópicos gives students insight into specific areas a textbook may only gloss over. Each book is written by an enthusiastic expert in the field with a narrative-based style, offering a refreshing approach to understanding Latin American history.

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Natural Disasters in Latin America and the Caribbean Coping with Calamity

Natural Disasters in Latin America and the Caribbean: Coping with Calamity

1st Edition


By June Carolyn Erlick
December 28, 2020

Natural Disasters in Latin America and the Caribbean: Coping with Calamity explores the relationship between natural disasters and civil society, immigration and diaspora communities and the long-term impact on emotional health. Natural disasters shape history and society and, in turn, their ...

Latin American Soldiers Armed Forces in the Region's History

Latin American Soldiers: Armed Forces in the Region's History

1st Edition

By John R. Bawden
August 06, 2019

In this accessible volume, John R. Bawden introduces readers to the study of armed forces in Latin American history through vivid narratives about four very different countries: Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, and Chile. Latin America has faced many of the challenges common to postcolonial states such as ...

The Youngest Citizens Children's Rights in Latin America

The Youngest Citizens: Children's Rights in Latin America

1st Edition

By Amy Risley
June 24, 2019

The Youngest Citizens traces the historical evolution of children’s rights in Latin America before turning its focus to the dramatic shift in discourse and policy experienced by the continent in the last 20 years. This book explores the new global regime on childhood, child advocates’ ...

Telenovelas in Pan-Latino Context

Telenovelas in Pan-Latino Context

1st Edition

By June Carolyn Erlick
October 03, 2017

This concise book provides an accessible overview of the history of the telenovela in Latin America within a pan-Latino context, including the way the genre crosses borders between Latin America and the United States. Telenovelas, a distinct variety of soap operas originating in Latin America, take...

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