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Law, Language and Communication

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This series encourages innovative and integrated perspectives within and across the boundaries of law, language and communication, with particular emphasis on issues of communication in specialized socio-legal and professional contexts. It seeks to bring together a range of diverse yet cumulative research traditions related to these fields in order to identify and encourage interdisciplinary research. The series welcomes proposals - both edited collections as well as single authored monographs - emphasizing critical approaches to law, language and communication, identifying and discussing issues, proposing solutions to problems, offering analyses in areas such as legal construction, interpretation, translation and de-codification.

Anne Wagner is Professor of Legal Semiotics and Research Professor at Centre de Recherche Droits & Perspectives du Droit, équipe René Demogue, Lille University, France. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal for the Semiotics of Law (Springer) and President of the International Roundtables for the Semiotics of Law. She has been awarded the National Research Grant for her research career. Her main research interests include semiotics, verbal and non-verbal sign system analyses, language and law, legal culture and heritage, legal translation, legal terminology, and legal discourse studies.

Vijay K. Bhatia, formerly Professor of English, City University of Hong Kong, is now Adjunct Professor at Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Visiting Professor at the Hellenic American University, Athens (Greece). He is also the founding President of the Languages for Specific Purposes and Professional Communication Association for Asia-Pacific. His research interests include Critical Genre Analysis, academic and professional discourses in legal, business, newspaper, and promotional contexts; ESP and Professional Communication; simplification of legal and other public documents; intercultural and cross-disciplinary variations in professional genres.

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The Ashgate Handbook of Legal Translation

The Ashgate Handbook of Legal Translation

1st Edition

Edited By Le Cheng, King Kui Sin, Wagner Anne
February 01, 2017

This volume investigates advances in the field of legal translation both from a theoretical and practical perspective, with professional and academic insights from leading experts in the field. Part I of the collection focuses on the exploration of legal translatability from a theoretical angle. ...

Legal Lexicography A Comparative Perspective

Legal Lexicography: A Comparative Perspective

1st Edition

By Máirtín Mac Aodha
January 11, 2017

Legal lexicography or jurilexicography is the most neglected aspect of the discipline of jurilinguistics, despite its great relevance for translators, academics and comparative lawyers. This volume seeks to bridge this gap in legal literature by bringing together contributions from ten ...

Synesthetic Legalities Sensory Dimensions of Law and Jurisprudence

Synesthetic Legalities: Sensory Dimensions of Law and Jurisprudence

1st Edition

Edited By Sarah Marusek
December 07, 2016

Synesthesia is the phenomenon where sensual perceptions are joined together as a combined experience – that is, the ability to feel color, hear the visual, or even smell emotion. These types of unions expand the normativity of our legal thinking, as the abilities to represent the tethering of ...

Language in the Negotiation of Justice Contexts, Issues and Applications

Language in the Negotiation of Justice: Contexts, Issues and Applications

1st Edition

Edited By Christopher Williams, Girolamo Tessuto
October 10, 2016

This book explores the ways language is used by the professional legal community for the communication of its main business - the negotiation of justice - in today’s globalized world. The volume addresses three main aspects of language use in the negotiation of justice. Beginning with the legal ...

Shari`a in the Secular State Evolving Meanings of Islamic Jurisprudence in Turkey

Shari`a in the Secular State: Evolving Meanings of Islamic Jurisprudence in Turkey

1st Edition

By Russell Powell
June 23, 2016

Words in both law and religion can shape power relationships and are often highly disputed. Shari`a lies within the overlap of these two spheres and provides a unique subject for the study of meaning in that liminal space. This book contributes important insights related to Islamic jurisprudence ...

Human Rights and the Body Hidden in Plain Sight

Human Rights and the Body: Hidden in Plain Sight

1st Edition

By Annabelle Mooney
September 25, 2014

Human Rights and the Body is a response to the crisis in human rights, to the very real concern that without a secure foundation for the concept of human rights, their very existence is threatened. While there has been consideration of the discourses of human rights and the way in which the body is...

Legal Certainty in Multilingual EU Law Language, Discourse and Reasoning at the European Court of Justice

Legal Certainty in Multilingual EU Law: Language, Discourse and Reasoning at the European Court of Justice

1st Edition

By Elina Paunio
November 21, 2013

How can multilingualism and legal certainty be reconciled in EU law? Despite the importance of multilingualism for the European project, it has attracted only limited attention from legal scholars. This book provides a valuable contribution to this otherwise neglected area. Whilst firmly situated...

Legal Interpretation in International Commercial Arbitration

Legal Interpretation in International Commercial Arbitration

1st Edition

By Joanna Jemielniak
February 12, 2014

This book fills a gap in legal academic study and practice in International Commercial Arbitration (ICA) by offering an in-depth analysis on legal discourse and interpretation. Written by a specialist in international business law, arbitration and legal theory, it examines the discursive framework ...

The Utopian Human Right to Science and Culture Toward the Philosophy of Excendence in the Postmodern Society

The Utopian Human Right to Science and Culture: Toward the Philosophy of Excendence in the Postmodern Society

1st Edition

By Anna Maria Andersen Nawrot
April 03, 2014

This book explores the question of whether the ideal right to science and culture exists. It proposes that the human right to science and culture is of a utopian character and argues for the necessity of the existence of such a right by developing a philosophical project situated in postmodernity, ...

Towards Recognition of Minority Groups Legal and Communication Strategies

Towards Recognition of Minority Groups: Legal and Communication Strategies

1st Edition

By Marek Zirk-Sadowski, Bartosz Wojciechowski
December 11, 2014

This volume analyses current debates concerning problems in the nature, justification, and legal protection of human rights for minorities, with reference to the issues surrounding social milieu as a source of any legitimized law, which is in itself in need of legal recognition as well as being an ...

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