1st Edition

Leadership and Musician Development in Higher Music Education

Edited By Dawn Bennett, Jennifer Rowley, Patrick Schmidt Copyright 2019
    234 Pages
    by Routledge

    234 Pages
    by Routledge

    Leadership and Musician Development in Higher Music Education informs, challenges and evaluates the central practices, policies and theories that underpin the preparation of future music leaders and the leadership of music in higher education. In higher education, it is often presumed that preparing for professional work is the responsibility of the individual rather than the institution. This anthology draws on the expertise of music practitioners to present the complexities surrounding this topic, exploring approaches to leadership development while addressing prevalent leadership issues from multiple standpoints.

    Leadership is an inherent part of being a musician: from the creative act through to collaborative engagement, it is fundamental to creating and sustaining a career in music. To expect musicians to develop these necessary skills "on the job", however, is unreasonable and impractical. What support might be given to those looking to negotiate a career as a musician? In fourteen essays, contributors from around the globe explore this question and more, questions such as:

    • How might leadership be modelled for aspiring musicians?
    • How might students learn to recognise, appraise and extend their leadership development?
    • How might institutional leaders challenge curricular and pedagogical norms?

    Effective leadership development for musicians is vital to the longevity of the profession – Leadership and Musician Development in Higher Music Education is a likewise vital resource for students, educators and future music leaders alike.

    Foreword A call for care in the development of musicians as leaders (David Lines) / Chapter I How is leadership developed in higher music education? (Jennifer Rowley, Dawn Bennett, and Patrick Schmidt) / Chapter II Leaders and leadership in higher music education: Meeting the challenges (Glen Carruthers) / Chapter III Leadership in the midst of higher education (Anna Reid) / Chapter IV Leading institutional change through better policy thinking (Patrick Schmidt) / Chapter V Educating professional musicians: Gender equality, career creativities and strategies for change in institutional leadership (Pamela Burnard) / Chapter VI Student commentary: Institutional leadership from the point of view of a Latin American student: Being aware of the wall (Euridiana Silva Souza) / Chapter VII Developing leadership capacities with Generation Z students in higher music education (Susan A. O’Neil) / Chapter VIII Leadership as an essential graduate attribute for musicians (Anna Reid, Dawn Bennett, and Jennifer Rowley) / Chapter IX Educing leadership and evoking sound: Choral conductors as agents of change (Martin Berger) / Chapter X The tapestry of leadership, creativity and advocacy: Weaving musicians’ core abilities into the curriculum (Pamela D. Pike) / Chapter XI The leadership role of instrumental teachers in students’ career development: Negotiating professional identities (Christine Ngai Lam Yau) / Chapter XII Leadership and conducted improvisation: Connections and opportunities in undergraduate music programs (Janis F. Weller) / Chapter XIII Student commentary: Leadership at the undergraduate level: Cultivating collective ownership (Kelly Bylica) / Chapter XIV Institutional leadership and musician development in higher music education (Dawn Bennett, Jennifer Rowley, and Patrick Schmidt) The International Society for Musical Education (ISME) The ISME Commission of the Education of the Professional Muscian Contributors Index


    Dawn Bennett is John Curtin Distinguished Professor of Higher Education and Director of the EmployABILITY and Creative Workforce Initiatives with Curtin University in Australia.

    Jennifer Rowley is Associate Professor and Program Leader of Music Education at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, The University of Sydney, where she coordinates the professional placement programme for students into the arts industry, regional conservatoriums and schools.

    Patrick Schmidt is Associate Professor and Chair of Music Education at the University of Western Ontario, where he specialises in critical pedagogy, urban music education and policy studies.