1st Edition

Leadership and Narcissism in the Organization

By Mateusz Grzesiak Copyright 2023
    128 Pages
    by Routledge

    128 Pages
    by Routledge

    Narcissists are seen as people who could inspire others due to their strong charisma, great vision, and ability to convince the crowd that they possess features that others don’t. They have followers and fans, and the ability to control them. On the other hand, narcissistic leaders express a lack of empathy and high levels of aggression and show constant criticism of others while refusing feedback on their performance. Those features indicate that such leaders have a strong sense of entitlement of superiority; therefore, it is hard to work with them. In the corporate world, many individuals with narcissistic personalities are chosen as leaders of organizations or teams, which often harms their co-workers and subordinates. Very few lower-level employees have a positive perception of their narcissistic leaders or are satisfied with their job, and so there is need to measure through qualitative research based on already existing articles in a given subject the correlation between the perception of narcissistic leader and the leader evaluation method.

    This book gives insight into psychology and management by linking the narcissistic personality with the leadership role and with the method of evaluating a leader, along with discussing the positive or negative outcomes of their leadership. Readers will learn about the phenomenon of narcissistic individuals and leaders as well as the attributes and traits of such a person. This research monograph will be of interest to researchers, academics, and advanced students in the fields of work and organizational psychology and leadership studies.

    1. Narcissism and Leadership: An Overview
    2. Narcissisms in Leadership - It Essence and Classification: A Literature Review
    3. The Narcissistic Leader: Perception, Evaluation and Research Methodology 
    4. Narcissistic Leaders within Organizations: Employee Evaluation versus Perception
    5. Narcissistic Leadership and the Impact on the Leader-Follower Relationship


    Mateusz Grzesiak is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Management of the WSB University, Poland. He holds a Ph.D. in management, Ph.D. in education, and Psy.D. in psychology. 

    "There is a considerable amount of research concerning leadership and its different aspects in academic and organizational settings. Frequently it focuses on characteristics of influential leaders or their communication style, but not much emphasis has been put on the topic of narcissistic leadership. This book focuses entirely on this phenomenon, and I find it not only well-written and reader-friendly but especially useful for students and managers interested in exploring this angle of leadership. I highly recommend it." - Judit Olah, University of Debrecen

    "Despite the seemingly remarkable progress in presenting narcissism in an organizational framework and leadership role, the perception of narcissistic leaders based on the leader evaluation method is omitted. This book exquisitely bridges this gap and provides valuable insights on the topic of narcissistic leadership." - Magdalena Stuss, Jagiellonian University