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Routledge Studies in Leadership Research

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Routledge are pleased to announce a new research series focusing on leadership. Designed for scholars and researchers within the field, as well as executives and administrators, it will reflect cutting edge international leadership research. Relevant to all aspects of business conduct for individuals and organizations, books in this new series will analyse emerging and critical perspectives on leadership research, and reflect the discipline from organizational and political perspectives as well as those of individual leaders such as CEOs.

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Researching Leadership-As-Practice The Reappearing Act of Leadership

Researching Leadership-As-Practice: The Reappearing Act of Leadership

1st Edition

By Vasilisa Takoeva
December 19, 2022

One current challenge of conducting research from the leadership-as-practice perspective is a practical one: how to capture and analyse the elusive practice of leadership within the web of mundane organising processes. Although a number of researchers have attempted to address the issue, there is ...

Public Sector Leadership A Human-Centred Approach

Public Sector Leadership: A Human-Centred Approach

1st Edition

By Petri Virtanen, Harri Jalonen, Marika Tammeaid
November 30, 2022

Drawing its origins from the Human Relations movement of the early 20th century and from public leadership orientations emphasising human aspects, human-centred public leadership approaches leadership from a system´s perspective. It explores societal institutions, organisations, and phenomena as an...

Toxic Leadership Research and Cases

Toxic Leadership: Research and Cases

1st Edition

By Steven M. Walker, Daryl Watkins
November 30, 2022

Toxic Leadership: Research and Cases presents research and cases on toxic leadership that emerged from qualitative research on the followers of toxic leaders. The goal is to help students, researchers, and academics understand how toxic leadership emerges, how leaders can spot toxic leadership ...

Leadership and Narcissism in the Organization

Leadership and Narcissism in the Organization

1st Edition

By Mateusz Grzesiak
November 11, 2022

Narcissists are seen as people who could inspire others due to their strong charisma, great vision, and ability to convince the crowd that they possess features that others don’t. They have followers and fans, and the ability to control them. On the other hand, narcissistic leaders express a lack ...

Leadership and China Philosophy, Place and Practice

Leadership and China: Philosophy, Place and Practice

1st Edition

Edited By Ralph J Bathurst, Michelle Sitong Chen
November 07, 2022

Since its opening in 1978, China has undergone radical change. By establishing special economic zones along its Eastern coastal borders under Deng Xioping’s tutelage, China entered the global market. Loosening controls from central government allowed for a more free-market approach that facilitated...

Responsible Leadership in Corporate Governance An Integrative Approach

Responsible Leadership in Corporate Governance: An Integrative Approach

1st Edition

By Monique Cikaliuk, Ljiljana Erakovic, Brad Jackson, Chris Noonan, Susan Watson
October 31, 2022

Responsibly led boards of directors make it possible for modern companies to survive and prosper under conditions of change. Despite the importance of boards of directors, their activities are often lionised or vilified by shareholders and stakeholders which obscures how boards enact responsible ...

Women Business Leaders Identity, Resistance, and Alternative Forms of Knowledge in Saudi Arabia

Women Business Leaders: Identity, Resistance, and Alternative Forms of Knowledge in Saudi Arabia

1st Edition

By Liela Jamjoom
October 11, 2022

Published works on Saudi women in organizational contexts are overwhelmingly reductionist, producing a singular story and a monolithic "Saudi woman." This book aims to counter the master narrative on Saudi women in leadership by offering an intimate reading of the women’s stories and experiences. ...

Digital Supply Chain Leadership Reshaping Talent and Organizations

Digital Supply Chain Leadership: Reshaping Talent and Organizations

1st Edition

By David Kurz, Murugan Anandarajan
August 29, 2022

Strong leadership is necessary to drive the transformational change required to build and apply digital capabilities across organizations. Digital transformation in the supply chain is a leadership problem first and foremost. This book draws out some of the key digital business strategies ...

Leadership, Gender and Ethics Embodied Reason in Challenging Masculinities

Leadership, Gender and Ethics: Embodied Reason in Challenging Masculinities

1st Edition

By David Knights
August 29, 2022

This book has a clear concern to offer a distinctive way of studying leadership so that it might be practiced differently. It is distinctive in focusing on contemporary concerns about gender and ethics. More precisely, it examines the masculinity of leadership and how, through an embodied form of ...

Strategic Leadership and Systems Thinking

Strategic Leadership and Systems Thinking

1st Edition

By Peter DeLisi
August 01, 2022

This book is about a new strategic leader – one who, inspired by General Systems Theory (GST), envisions an organization in which people and groups work together interdependently across organizational divides to reach a shared, rewarding future.  GST has dramatically influenced physics, ...

Adaptive Leadership in a Global Economy Perspectives for Application and Scholarship

Adaptive Leadership in a Global Economy: Perspectives for Application and Scholarship

1st Edition

Edited By Mohammed Raei, Harriette Thurber Rasmussen
December 29, 2021

With the entire world experiencing the global pandemic and its aftermath, VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) conditions have never been more extreme and the need for adaptive leadership never more urgent. But how is adaptive leadership applied outside Western cultures? How can it be...

Good Dividends Responsible Leadership of Business Purpose

Good Dividends: Responsible Leadership of Business Purpose

1st Edition

Edited By Steve Kempster, Thomas Maak, Ken Parry
February 25, 2020

This book seeks to answer the question of ‘leadership for what?’. We shall outline an answer by focusing on responsible leadership of purpose through an inter-disciplinary perspective. Responsible leadership moves the axis of leadership from leader-followers to leader-stakeholders; away from ...

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