1st Edition

Leadership for Change and School Reform International Perspectives

Edited By Kathryn Riley, Karen Seashore Louis Copyright 2000
    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    School reform is a top priority for governments today. This timely and challenging book, edited by leading international researchers, Kathryn Riley and Karen Seashore Louis, offers a rich comparative perspective on leadership for change and school reform. Contributors form North America, Europe and Australia demonstrate how school leadership is influenced by global pressures, differing national and state contexts and local concerns. They illustrate the limitations of reform initiatives which focus on school leaders tot he exclusion of the many other organisations which affect school, such as national and local governments, professional associations and school communities. This book raises some important questions such as:
    *How can school leaders create intelligent, thinking schools?
    *How can leadership and learning be linked together?
    *What are the characteristics of effective local education authorities and school districts?
    *What is the role of teacher organisations in educational reform and change?
    *What happens if businesses, teachers, parents and local communities have different views of what makes a good school?
    The text illustrates the ways in which leadership is rooted in learning, and identifies new directions for school leadership. It challenges conventional notions of leadership, offering an expanded view, which sees leadership just as an individual role-based function, but as a network of relationships among people, structures and cultures. This lively and provocative book should be read by all those interested in education reform.

    Preface Kathryn A. Riley and Karen Seashore Louis 1. Relational Leadership for Change Karen Seashore Louis and Kathryn A. Riley 2.Four Dilemmas, Three Heresies and a Matrix John MacBeath with Angus MacDonald 3.Learning Through Leadership: Leadership Through Learning (Leadership for sustained improvement) Mel West, David Jackson, Alma Harris and David Hopkins 4.Distributed Leadership and Student Engagement with Schools Kenneth Leithwood and Doris Jantzi 5.Leadership in the Creation of World Class Schools Brian J. Caldwell 6.Global and National Perspectives on Leadership Lejf Moos 7.Caught Between (Local Education Authorities : Making a difference through their leadership?) Kathryn A. Riley, Jim Docking and David Rowles 8.Local Leadership : Policy Implementation, Local Education Authorities and Schools John Fitz, William A. Firestone and Janet Fairman 9.Bringing Teacher Organisations back into the Frame John Bangs 10.The Role of Unions as Leaders for School Change: An analysis of the 'KEYS' program in two US States Karen Seashore Louis, Patricia Seppanen, Mark Smylie and Lisa Jones 11.Creating a School Culture from the Ground Up: The Case of Celebration School Kathryn M. Borman with Edward Glickman and Allyson Haag 12.Leading Towards Improvement Kathryn A. Riley and Karen Seashore Louis


    Riley, Kathryn; Seashore Louis, Karen

    'What is the role of leadership in creating "intelligent, thinking schools"? Contributors find a range of answers from a selection of countries.' - Michael Duffy, Times Educational Supplement

    'The synthesis is handled in a convincing way and the book achieves its aims of presenting an expanded view of leadership based on current advances in theory and research.' - School Leadership and Management