1st Edition

Leadership for Quality Schooling

By Colin W. Evers, Kam-cheung Wong Copyright 2001

    Leadership for Quality Schooling provides the latest thinking and research on school leadership from a range of international scholars in the field of educational administration. Because of the growing acceptance of school- based models of school management, there is now developing a greater focus on how quality education can be more fully achieved in this increasingly commonplace administrative context. Since one major aspect of promoting quality is the role of school leadership, this book offers a particular focus on the question of the connection between leadership and school improvement, effectiveness and performance.
    Leadership for Quality Schooling will be of interest to educational practitioners, students, researchers, academics and policymakers. It is intended as a guide to the latest research on leadership, as well as a stimulus to further thought for those looking for alternative ideas to existing practices.

    Introduction, Kam-cheung Wong and Colin W. Evers; 1. Moral Authority, Community and Diversity: Leadership Challenges for the 21st Century; 2. Regarding Principals: Leadership Effects and the Effectiveness and Improvement of Schools; 3. Culture and Educational Leadership, Kam-cheung Wong; 4. Vision Building among School Leaders, Kai-ming Cheng, 5. Leadership Study and Administrative Practice - Shall the Twain Ever Meet? Reflections on the Wisdom of Practicality, 6. Embedding Leadership in Task Performance, Viviane M. J. Robinson; 7. Knowing How to Lead: Theoretical Reflections on Inference to the Best Training, Colin W. Evers; 8. Leadership: Paradoxes and New Direction; 9. Systems of Quality and Quality Assurance in Basic Education: Perspectives from Mainland China; 10. Leadership in the Creation of World Class Schools: Beyond the Self-Managing School, Brian J. Caldwell


    Kam-cheung Wong is Associate Professor in the Department of Education at the University of Hong Kong. His research involves the study of societal and cultural factors on schooling and leadership.