1st Edition

Leading Business Change
A Practical Guide to Transforming Your Organization

ISBN 9781498726573
Published June 11, 2015 by Productivity Press
145 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Most books dealing with change management focus on how companies reach their corporate goals, instead of on what individual leaders must do. Filling this need, Leading Business Change: A Practical Guide to Transforming Your Organization is an easy and fun read that will inspire you to think more closely about how you implement change as a leader.

The book presents a proven approach to help leaders of global initiatives grapple with impossible projects and deliver on their goals. The first part of the book explains the author’s approach to change management, centering on the need not just for an effective approach but for effective leadership. The remaining three parts walk readers through the three phases of the authors' methodology, using actual examples to demonstrate how to apply each step in the real world.

  • Introduces the topic of strategic implementation and organizational change
  • Supplies an overview of the challenges a leader will face when tasked with transforming aspects of a global company
  • Discusses the need to align the goals of the company, sponsors, and project
  • Highlights the need to understand the resources available to change leaders
  • Addresses the challenges of planning the design and delivery of organizational change

The author begins each chapter with a short story around the experiences of a fictional executive with a multinational company who has been tasked with implementing a global outsourcing project. Different stories illustrate the application of the methodologies discussed in the book. Each chapter concludes with questions to help you assess your own leadership style.

Table of Contents

Leading the Journey to Success
What Is the Determining Factor in Successfully Turning Strategy into Reality?
The Process of Success
The Number-One Challenge
Three Phases, Four Questions
Nothing Ever Goes According to Plan

The Captain for the Journey
Modelling the Role
Motivating Other People
Mediating Resistance
Shaping the Change
Communicating the Change
Embracing Your Role as a Change Leader


Determining the Destination
Who Are the Decision Makers?
Clarifying the Strategic Objective
Identifying Stakeholder Groups
Taking Stock of Ship and Crew
Assembling Your Coalition
Inventorying Available Skill Sets
Assessing the Current Situation
Challenge Questions

Setting the Course
Identifying Possible Plans
Building on Your Strengths
Seeing and Filling the Gaps
Challenge Questions


Embarking on the Journey
Designing the Change
Be Ready to Adapt Your Plan
Shoring Up Your Original Support
Converting Others into Your Evangelists
Challenge Questions

Captaining, Despite Shortages and Scurvy
Managing Project People
Modelling the Change
Motivating the Change
Shaping the Change
Mediating the Change
Communicating the Change
Challenge Questions

Surviving the Tempests
Contingency Planning
Expecting the Worst
Asking the Big Question Again
Remaining Agile
Asking for Help
Challenge Questions


Land Ho!
The Biggest Challenges in Populating
100% Buy-In?
Success Hinges on Communication
Knowing You Have Arrived
Measuring Success
Shades of Success
Challenge Questions

Captain’s Log
The Importance of Reflecting
Taking Personal Inventory
The End as the Beginning

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Dr. Karin Stumpf consults for multinational companies implementing strategic change, such as DaimlerChrysler, Universal Pictures, Deutsche Bank, Bombardier Transportation, and the International Committee of the Red Cross. Formerly a consultant with McKinsey as well as Deloitte, she has worked with clients in more than 20 countries to successfully support them in driving corporate strategy.

Dr. Stumpf regularly lectures in English, German, and French in venues such as the Swiss Institute of Technology, among others. She holds an MSc, an MBA, a PhD, and a master’s in organizational psychology. Her consultancy, Acrasio, is based in Berlin, where she lives with her husband and daughter.


If you are a change leader or simply interested in the topic, this is a must-read. ... I have a lot of faith in Karin Stumpf's book, as it is written based on her previous experience working for some of the top-notch consulting companies this planet has to offer.
—Navid Nazemian, Global HR Business Partner, Roche, Switzerland

Karin Stumpf has captured the challenges and the trade-offs integral to today’s dynamic organizational changes. She also presents solutions which are, in general, broadly applicable, but go much beyond the mere mundane and the cookie cutter recipes.
—Sam N. Basu PhD, CMA, Professor, Economics, Finance, and Global Business, Cotsakos College of Business, William Paterson University

Leading Business Change is an excellent book for people managers and leaders who want to understand how the theory applies in everyday life when dealing with change-management challenges. It saves you a lot of ‘trial and error’ mistakes and therefore truly boosts your transformation process and your development towards a true change master.
—Luca Bitonto, Head of Learning and Organizational Development, eBay

Dr. Stumpf has created a nice, easy-to-remember change model from her real-world organizational experiences. She will show you three phases in the change process—how to mobilize, crusade, and populate—so that you can lead change successfully in your organization. In today’s world, one needs to be a change master in order to keep up. Dr. Stumpf’s book will help you move in that direction.
—James G. Clawson, Johnson & Higgins Professor of Business, The Darden School, University of Virginia

This book is based on Karin's common sense paired with her vast experiences in supporting organizations with their change processes. In fact, it’s an easy-to-read forceful resource and it’s useful for all those dealing with change in an organization.
—Roberto Wittlin, Change Manager, AXA Winterthur

Because I am a former aviation fighter pilot, converted into a management researcher, the book and the position of Karin Stumpf spoke to me. To continue the maritime analogy of the author, I would say that when situations of change or mergers arise, managers always fantasize of one day finding a cove where they can keep themselves safe from errors and stress. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately so, this cove does not exist. Instead managers are given the ability to understand that they are at the service of their situation and the people whom they are responsible for. Thus, being of service becomes the noblest challenge a captain can undertake. And so, the captain instinctively understands that the only way to face the storm is by accepting the waves and violence. His single mission is to go beyond expectations and worry about the men and women who are on board his ship. This is the strength of this book!
—Dominique Steiler, Director, Personnel and Managerial Development Centre, Grenoble

There's no question that the ability to promote and manage change in your organization is a leadership requirement for today's fast-paced, global economy. In her book
Leading Business Change, Dr. Karin Stumpf shows leaders not only how they can enable their employees to commit to change, but how leaders can encourage their employees to feel a sense of shared ownership in driving that change forward.
—Tanveer Naseer, Award-Winning Leadership Coach, Speaker and Writer

Business leaders and change practitioners will certainly benefit from Karin’s approach to organizational change. She draws a meaningful picture of today’s leadership challenges and proposes a simple and practical framework to address the impact of the human and organizational reactions during change initiatives.
—Carole Levesque, Director, Change Management and Organizational Transformation, Bombardier Aerospace