1st Edition

Learning as a Creative and Developmental Process in Higher Education A Therapeutic Arts Approach and Its Wider Application

Edited By Judie Taylor, Clive Holmwood Copyright 2019
    234 Pages
    by Routledge

    234 Pages 9 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Much has been written about the importance of creativity in learning and education over the last few decades. This unique book extends beyond the usual focus on implementing creative methods in learning, teaching and assessing within higher education, to an examination of creativity as central to a learning process which is transformational for the student. More specifically, Learning as a Creative and Developmental Process in Higher Education examines the importance of a facilitative tutor-student relationship and environment which contextualise this creative process of teaching and learning. 

    Bringing together unique teaching and learning approaches developed by experienced academics, this book discusses a number of complex issues, including approaches to an understanding of the student’s self-concept as learner; the nature of the curriculum; the potential of metaphor and creativity; and a multi-modal approach to learning and teaching. Contributions to the book also examine some of the challenges and tensions of such an approach within the context of arts-based subjects in higher education institutions. Using a unique and coherent thematic structure that is based upon the student journey as a transformational process, this book provides a new way of understanding the student journey through higher education. 

    Including an examination of the parallels between educational and arts education and arts therapies disciplines, this book will be of interest to researchers, academics and postgraduate students involved in the arts and the arts therapies, as well as those studying creativity in teaching and learning in higher education. It should be of particular interest to those involved in the teaching and training of teachers and lecturers in higher education.

    Foreword - Phil Jones

    Preface – Judie Taylor


    Introduction - Judie Taylor

    Section 1 – Separation (Pre-liminal)

    Chapter 1 Supporting the student transition to Higher Education: arts-based reflections on the ‘Lifewide Curriculum’

    Judie Taylor

    Chapter 2 Teaching Reflection to New Undergraduate Students

    Martyn Parker Eames

    Chapter 3 Re-thinking uncertainty in higher education using Klein’s concepts of the paranoid-schizoid and depressive positions.

    Katy Tozer

    Chapter 4 Rediscovering the playful learner

    Drew Bird & Clive Holmwood

    Section 2 – Transition (Liminal)

    Chapter 5 Liminality in Higher Education – gaps and moments of uncertainty as legitimate learning spaces

    Clive Holmwood & Pete Scales

    Chapter 6 Attunement in Creativity and Learning

    Jean Bennett

    Chapter 7 Ethnography, Autoethnography, and Social Media: Pedagogical Practices in Music and the Therapeutic Arts

    James Williams

    Chapter 8 Configuring the personal/professional self.

    Paul V. Ricketts

    Chapter 9 Assessing the Arts, and Student Response, within the Creative Expressive Therapies in Higher Education  

    Clive Holmwood

    Section 3 – Incorporation (Post Liminal)

    Chapter 10 The Body of Work as a legitimate form of Independent Scholarship

    Jamie Bird, Mary Stephanou and Alessandra Wellen

    Chapter 11 Tutor-led peer supervision groups within higher education.

    Judie Taylor & Kate Smith

    Chapter 12 An evaluation of peer coaching circles within Higher Education

    Sally Casella & Judie Taylor

    Chapter 13 Reflections on a Journey: Student Experiences of a Therapeutic Arts Approach in Higher Education

    Philippa Buchanan & Sarah Paine

    Chapter 14 Ecological Perspectives on Learning to Practice in the Arts in Health and Arts Therapies Fields

    Norman J Jackson

    Afterwords – Clive Holmwood


    Judie Taylor has recently retired as a Senior Lecturer and Therapeutic Arts Manager after a 30-year career at the University of Derby, where she was a tutor on the BA (Hons) Creative Expressive Therapies and postgraduate Arts Therapies programmes and was part of the team who developed them.

    Clive Holmwood is a Dramatherapist with over 20 years' experience working with children and adults in the public, private and voluntary sectors. He is currently Senior Lecturer in Dramatherapy and Admissions Tutor for the Creative Expressive Therapies degree at the University of Derby and a Director of Creative Solutions Therapy Ltd.

    "From Viking Island to Schon's swamp: this book has diversity and depth. It has grown out of the arts and arts therapies training and research at University of Derby and gives us a wealth of riches. There are valuable insights into educational process and student led learning. We are shown the enrichment of tutors and students when they share playful learning. As readers we also grow through understanding concept mapping, liminality, lifewide learning, and flexible purposing. I strongly recommend this book as a treasure chest of creative research, theory and practice."

    Professor Sue Jennings PhD has pioneered dramatherapy and neuro-dramatic-play worldwide for over fifty years. She is visiting professor at University of Derby and Professor of Play, a life-long award given by the European Dramatherapy Federation. She is a prolific author with over 50 books in print.