3rd Edition

Learning to Teach Art and Design in the Secondary School A companion to school experience

Edited By Nicholas Addison, Lesley Burgess Copyright 2015
    268 Pages 30 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    276 Pages 30 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Learning to Teach Art and Design in the Secondary School is established as the key text for all those preparing to become art and design teachers in the secondary school. It explores a range of approaches to teaching and learning and provides a conceptual and practical framework for understanding the diverse nature of art and design in the secondary school curriculum.

    Written by experts in the field, it aims to inform and inspire, to challenge orthodoxies and encourage a freshness of vision. It provides support and guidance for learning and teaching in art and design, suggesting strategies to motivate and engage pupils in making, discussing and evaluating visual and material culture.

    The third edition has been comprehensively updated and re-structured in light of the latest theory, research and policy in the field and includes new chapters surveying assessment and examinations, and exploring identity and diversity in art and design. Essential topics include:

    • Ways of learning in art and design
    • Planning for teaching and learning
    • Critical studies and methods for investigating art and design
    • Inclusion
    • Assessment
    • Issues in craft and design education
    • Drawing & sculpture
    • Your own continuing professional development.

    Including suggestions for further reading and a range of tasks designed to encourage you to reflect critically on your practice, Learning to Teach Art and Design in the Secondary School addresses issues for student teachers and mentors on all initial teacher education courses in Art and Design. It will also be of relevance and value to teachers in school with designated responsibility for supervision.

    1 Introduction

    Nicholas Addison and Lesley Burgess


    2 Art and Design Teachers’ Professional Development

    Richard Hickman and Madeleine Brens


    3 Learning in Art and Design Education

    Nicholas Addison and Lesley Burgess with Victoria Kinsella, Dean Kenning

    Unit 3.1 the relationship between learning and teaching

    3.2 theories of learning and their implications for art and design

    3.3 activity theory; (Victoria Kinsella)

    3.4 experiential learning

    3.5 affect and the aesthetic

    3.6 language, motivation and learning

    3.7 thinking through art: the social body mind map; (Dean Kenning)

    3.8 enabling learning: transforming subject knowledge into pedagogy


    4 Planning for Learning and Teaching

    David Gee and Lesley Burgess

    Unit 4.1 Curriculum Planning

    Unit 4.2 Practice in ITE Art and design


    5 Assessment and Examinations in Art and Design

    Andy Ash and Kate Schofield with John Steers

    Unit 5.1 Overview of assessment: principles and practice

    Unit 5.2 Assessment in art and design

    Unit 5.3 Art and design examinations

    Unit 5.4 Reconsidering assessment for learning in art and design (John Steers)


    6 Issues in Craft and Design Education

    Lesley Burgess and Kate Schofield with Helen Charman

    Unit 6.1 Craft

    Unit 6.2 Design

    Unit 6.3 Sustainable design: design can change the world (Helen Charman)


    7 Attitudes to Making

    Unit 7.1 Drawing: Lines of Possibility

    Claire Robins

    Unit 7.2 Sculpture in secondary schools

    Andy Ash

    8 Critical Studies

    Nicholas Addison

    Unit 8.1 The purposes of critical studies

    Unit 8.2 Exploring methods for investigating art and design: developing visual and aesthetic literacy


    9 Inclusion in Art and design

    Unit 9.1 Claire Penketh

    Unit 9.2 John Johnson


    10 Towards a Plural Curriculum

    Unit 10.1 Enhanced Identities in Diversity

    Paul Dash

    Unit 10.2 Histories and canons as forms of identity

    Nicholas Addison

    Unit 10.3 Investigation and Diversity

    Nicholas Addison


    Nicholas Addison is a lecturer at the University of the Arts, London, UK.

    Lesley Burgess is a senior lecturer in art, design and museology at the Institute of Education, University of London, UK.

    ‘In a rapidly changing educational landscape the support this book provides will be welcomed by novice and experienced art and design teachers alike. It presents a refreshingly coherent argument that reaffirms the intrinsic value of learning in art and design, the conditions under which it flourishes, and above all, why it matters…For a new generation of specialist teachers of art and design this empowering resource will illuminate the terrain and thus benefit successive generations of students.’ - Roy Prentice, Visiting Fellow, Art and Design Education, Institute of Education, London, UK