2nd Edition

Learning to Teach Music in the Secondary School A Companion to School Experience

Edited By Chris Philpott, Gary Spruce Copyright 2007
    304 Pages
    by Routledge

    This new edition has been thoroughly revised to take account of recent changes to the curriculum. With a focus on evidence-based practice, this book aims to develop open and reflective practitioners who will critically examine their own and others’ ideas about music education and the way in which children learn music.

    Providing an overview of contemporary issues in music teaching and learning from a range of perspectives, the book centres on teaching music musically, and enables the reader to:

    • place music education in its historical and social context
    • consider the nature of musical knowledge and how pupils learn musically.
    • critically analyse the statutory framework within which music teachers work
    • develop an understanding of the three key areas of composing, performing and appraising as well as issues such as creativity, individual needs and assessment
    • examine aspects of music beyond the classroom and how effective links can be made between curriculum music and music outside of school.

    Including tasks, activities and reflections to help student-teachers to integrate the theory and practice of music education, this book will provide support, guidance, ideas and challenges for beginner teachers, and will be useful for mentors in schools and teacher educators.


    List of illustrations

    List of contributors


    Series Editors’ preface

    Introduction: Learning to teach music

    Chris Philpott and Gary Spruce

    1.The place of music in the secondary school: ideology - history - justification

    John Finney

    2. Culture, society and musical learning

    Gary Spruce

    3. Musical learning and musical development

    Chris Philpott

    4. The national curriculum for music

    Tim Cain

    5. Music at key stage 4

    James Haughton with Gary Spruce

    6. Music at post-16

    Chris Philpott with Chris Price and Mike Lewis

    7. An integrated approach to lesson planning

    Gary Spruce

    8. The management and organisation of learning in the music classroom Chris Philpott

    9. Creativity and music education

    Chris Philpott

    10. Is musical performance worth saving?

    Jonathan Savage

    11. Listening and appraising and the ideology of aesthetic listening Gary Spruce

    12. Language and learning in music

    Chris Philpott

    13. Music related ICT in education

    Bill Crow

    14. Addressing individual needs and equality of opportunity in the music curriculum Ruth Wright

    15. Assessment in music education

    Chris Philpott

    16. Transition in music education

    Helen Coll

    17. Beyond the classroom 1: instrumental and vocal teaching and learning

    Julie Evans

    18. Beyond the classroom 2: collaborative partnerships

    Pauline Adams

    Appendix A An induction guide to a school music department

    Appendix B Subject specific tasks for primary experience





    Chris Philpott, Gary Spruce

    'Contributors include leading names in music education and the wealth of experience is reflected in the ease with which they give succinct, lucid overviews of theoretical issues and relate them to the practicalities of life in the classroom. Discussion and presentation tasks within each chapter ensure that readers are actively involved and forced to examine their own thinking ... Well worth reading and would make a useful addition to any music department bookshelf.' – Aelwyn Pugh, Times Educational Supplement