1st Edition

Leaving Well Activity Book Therapeutic Activities to Support Kids Aged 6-12 who are Moving to a New Country

By Claire Holmes Copyright 2024
    44 Pages 129 B/W Illustrations
    by Speechmark

    Moving from country to country is no small feat. This activity book is designed for use with children aged 6-12 to help those on the move to navigate the process of global transition smoothly. Based on the latest relocation and transition research, wellbeing boosting strategies are shared for transition and beyond.

    Children are introduced to mindful activities and are encouraged to use their creativity by annotating and illustrating the pages as they move through the book, allowing them to be an active participant in their move. Leaving Well Activity Book helps children to reflect on how they feel about the move, to remember other moves and understand that change is a part of life. Full of valuable strategies to boost wellbeing as they move forward, the text highlights top tips for expressing feelings that will help children prepare for departure. The book normalises mixed feelings, helping the child acknowledge their hopes and fears, and reflect on their sense of control. This book can be used effectively alongside:

    Arriving Well Activity Book which helps the child settle in their new place, to reflect on the move and understand that change is a part of life.

    Moving On Facilitator’s Guide which offers guidance notes and prompts to help bring out the best experience for the child and is designed to help the adult feel confident in their delivery and in responding to any questions. It contains key points to consider, examples of ‘what you could say’, as well as explains the theory behind the workbook activities.

    Acting as a tool for engagement, Leaving Well Activity Book will help children come to terms with the move and help adults support children preparing to leave for a new country.


    Setting the scene

    Where are you now?

    Change happens

    Moving-on graph

    How do I feel?

    Moving on takes GUTS2

    People power

    Leaving things behind

    Lightening the load

    Feeling faces

    Draw feelings out

    Talk feelings out

    Who and how?

    Staying connected

    What brings me joy

    What does my body tell me?

    How do I cope well?

    What encouraging things can I say to myself?

    What’s in and out of my control?

    Mindful colouring

    Take 5

    Thankfulness tree

    Stand like a tree

    Get curious

    Curiouser and curiouser...

    Balooning around

    Gallery of Strengths

    Moving on poem

    Moving on podium

    Coping cube

    Awards ceremony

    My well-wishes


    Claire Holmes is Head of School Counselling at Tanglin Trust School, Singapore where she leads a team of counsellors who work across the whole school K-13. Claire’s counselling modality is strength-based, empowering others to access their own inner wisdom and knowing. Her practice incorporates Expressive Therapies, Mindfulness and Solution-Focused interventions. In her role she teaches MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) to parents and staff.

    "The Moving On series gives all who work with children a powerful, practical tool to help them 'leave well so they can enter well'. As each book focuses on a particular stage of the moving process, children can find words and create images to express the often-paradoxical feelings any move can make. I highly recommend it!"

    Ruth E. Van Reken, co-author of Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds