1st Edition

Lectures on Political Economy (Routledge Revivals) Volume I: General Theory

By Knut Wicksell Copyright 2011

    First published in English in 1934, this Routledge Revival is a reissue of Volume I of Swedish economist Knut Wicksell's hugely influential work two volume work on political economy, a text which influenced a generation of economists. Concerned predominiantly with a mathematical treatment of issues of economic theory, the first volume deals specifically the theory of value, the theory of production and distribution and the theory of capital accumulation. Wicksell examines the origin of interest and offers a solution to the problem of distribution under capitalistic production, referencing the work of Eugen vom Böhm-Bawerk and Karl Gustav Cassel.

    Part I: The Theory of Value  1. Exchange Value and its causes: Earlier Explanations  2. The Concept of Marginal Unity  3. Free Exchange and Market Value  4. Objections Against the Theory of Marginal Utility: Exceptions to the Theory  5. The Gain from Free Exchange  6. Pricing Under Limited Competition  7. Pricing Under the Influence of Production  Part II: The Theory of Production and Distribution  8. Production Without Capital  9. Capitalistic Production  10. The Interdependence of Production and Exchange: The Theory of Exchange Value in its Final Form  Part III: Capital Accumulation


    Knut Wicksell