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Routledge Revivals: Lectures on Political Economy

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First published in English in 1934 and 1935, this Routledge Revival set is a reissue of Wicksell's two volume work on political economy, first published in Sweden in 1901 and 1906. This work is aimed at both the professional economist and the advanced student alike, as well as all those interested in the theoretical development of political economy.

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Lectures on Political Economy (Routledge Revivals) Two Volumes

Lectures on Political Economy (Routledge Revivals): Two Volumes

1st Edition

By Knut Wicksell
February 08, 2011

Known as the "economist's economist" for his work on creating a synthetic economic theory, Swedish economist Knut Wicksell was a controversial, but highly influential figure in modern economic thought. His contributions to marginal productivity theory, income distribution and, ...

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