1st Edition

Lipid Technologies and Applications

Edited By Frank D. Gunstone, Fred B. Padley Copyright 1997

    "Provides a comprehensive review of the major technologies and applications of lipids in food and nonfood uses, including current and future trends. Discusses the nature of lipids, their major sources, and role in nutrition."

    Introduction: fatty acids and lipid structure; major sources of lipids; phospholipids; lipids and nutrition. Processing: extraction of lipids from natural sources; refining; oil storage, transport, and handling; fractionation; interesterification of oils and fats; hydrogenation of edible oils - technology and applications. Food emulsions: butter, margarine, spread, and baking fats; ice cream; cream alternatives. Nonaqueous foods: ghee, vanaspati, and special applications of fats in India; chocolate and confectionery fats; frying oils and salad oils. Special food applications: edible coating and film barriers; spray processing of fat-containing foodstuffs - spray drying and cooling; low calorie fats; food emulsifiers; lipid emulsions for intravenous nutrition and drug delivery; the role of lipids in animal feeds. Nonfood uses: anionic detergents; cationic surfactants; nonionic surfactants; lipids - their use in personal care products; the use of oils and fatty acids in paints and surface coatings; lubricants; epoxidized oils; bio-fuels; products from castor oil.


    FredB. Padley

    "As you would expect from two editors that have such high reputations in their fields, this book is a very serious and comprehensive work. . ..a great deal has been crammed into this single volume, but not at the expense of readability and information quality. . ..forward-looking in its treatment of current and expected trends."
    ---Oils & Fats International
    ". . .this 800-page book covers almost everything in this field, from the history of lipid usage to modern processes and from traditional natural food lipids to synthetic surfactants."
    ---Colloids and Surfaces
    ". . .There is much valuable information collected in this text and it is a useful reference text on an impressive range of subjects relevant to lipid technology. . ..the text is recommended for purchase by libraries and companies involved in lipid science and technology."
    ---Food Chemistry